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Sen Cal Kapimi: Plot, Actors, Episodes, Advances TV Series Channel 5

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Sen Cal Kapimi: Plot, Actors, Episodes, Advances TV Series Channel 5

Sen Cal Kapimi is a turkish tv series, broadcast in Italy under the name of Love Is In the Air. The series is still in production and is known abroad under the title “You Knock On My Door” or “Knock on my door “ in Italian. Turkish and international audiences are very enthusiastic about this comedy that gives one and romantic emotions series of engaging events. The secret of Sen Cal Kapimi’s success it is in the alchemy of the two protagonists: it was since the days of Kiralik Ask and Daydreamer that we haven’t seen such a close-knit couple! There was also a crossover between Love is in the Air and Daydreamer: Serkan and Eda find Sanem’s ticket to Serkan.

Love is in The Air plot

And from she is a girl who loves to study, lives with an aunt but nothing is known about his real parents. Eda cannot attend the last year of university because the international scholarship with which she was paying for her studies is cut off. The person responsible for this outage is Serkan Bolat’s company who, however, is not aware of the thing having only indicated to “cut unnecessary expenses”. During a conference Eda meets Serkan and confronts him accusing him of cutting her funds. After a series of events Serkan offers Eda to return the bag of study if she will pretend to be his girlfriend for two months. Serkan indeed has an unfinished business with his ex who wants to get away from her current boyfriend. At first Eda rejects the offer but then accepts and a passionate and stimulating relationship will arise between the two.

Advances Love Is in The Air

All the previews of all the episodes by Love is in the Air: Serkan and Eda find themselves in a very complicated situation. Their love born first out of obligation and then blossomed into something real is hindered in every way by events. In particular Serkan Serkan Bolat, just back from London is in his office where he learns that his ex-girlfriend Selin she is about to get married, in fact she sent him an invitation for the engagement party, which contains a pair of handcuffs decorated with hearts. To ruin the marriage of his ex with whom he is still in love, Serkan makes an agreement with Eda: he will continue to pay for her studies and in exchange she will pretend to be his girlfriend.

Love is the Air When it airs on Channel 5

Love is in The Air airs from May 31 every day from 3:30 pm at 16.30 on Canale 5. If the turkish tv series will be successful could conquer even an early evening, probably on Monday or Friday but at the moment there are no official statements.


  • Hande Ercel in the role of Eda Yildiz. The role of Eda brought notoriety at home and abroad to Hande, who after graduating from the University of Fine Arts in Istanbul began working as a model and as an actress.
  • Kerem Bursin in the role of Serkan Bolat. Turkish actor with American training: Kerem in fact lived in 12 countries during his childhood and adolescence. Passionate about Body Building and currently single!
  • Maya Basol who plays Kiraz, the daughter of Eda and Serkan after the five-year time jump of the series between the first and second season
  • Neslihan Yeldan in the role of Aydan Bolat
  • Bige Onal in the role of Selin Atakan
  • Evrim Dogan in the role of Ayfer Yildiz
  • Ismail Ege Sasmaz in the role of Kaan Karadag
  • Anil Ilter in the role of Engin Sezgin
  • Melisa Dongel in the role of Ceren Basar
  • Cagri Citanak in the role of Ferit Simsek

Voice actors

Love is in the air, the Turkish series broadcast on Canale 5 Sara voiced by two of the most important Italian voice actors. In fact, it is official that the voice actors of the protagonists are:

  • Kerem voiced by Gabriele Vender
  • Hande from Roisin Nicosia

Where have we heard these rumors before? In the Turkish series aired in the summer of 2020 entitled “Come Sorelle” Gabriele Vender voiced Mahir and Roisin Nicosia voiced Deren.

Bet Love is in The Air

The episodes of Love is in the Air aka Sen Cal Kapimi I’m 39 and last about 2 hours each. Each episode is then broadcast in 3 episodes on Canale 5 for a total of 147 episodes. Also, the second season is in the works.

The series Love is In The Air is comprised of only 1 season at the moment, but the actors are filming there second season although we still don’t know how many episodes it will be composed of.

Love is in The Air Streaming ITA

Love is in the Air is available in streaming on Mediaset Play in full episodes, while the summaries of all the episodes of the TV series with Serkan and Eda are available on OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL which offers you a few minutes the complete plot of each episode fully dubbed in Italian and with Italian subtitles. Here is the summary of the last episode:

Other Turkish TV Series to See

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  • Mr Wrong – Lessons of Love with Can Yaman – An incurable rascal, an unlucky girl in love and the romantic comedy TV series is served!
  • Day Dreamer – The Wings of the Dream: out in mid-June 2020 tells the love story between Can (played by Can Yaman) a photographer with a wild spirit who unexpectedly finds himself having to manage his father’s company and Sanem (played by , a girl aspiring writer who works in her own company. Between misunderstandings and a kiss given in the dark begins a compelling story among the best known in Turkey with the title Erkenci Kus.
  • Bitter Sweet – Ingredients of love: aired in Italy in the summer of 2019 (therefore available in streaming on mediaset play) the series stars the same actor Can Yaman and this time we are talking about a thrilling love triangle set in the world of kitchen. The original title of the series is Dolunay (full moon in Italian).
  • Cherry Season: A series full of twists, set in the world of fashion and style. The female lead is the same as Bitter Sweet, Ozge Gurel.
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  • Brave and Beautiful: one of the most famous of all in Turkey, it is also the one (among these on the list) with the most adrenaline. The genre is Thriller with a good dose of romance as there is a love story between the protagonists that is intertwined with power games and a thirst for revenge for a murder.
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  • Dos Vidas: a Spanish TV series that is broadcast on Canale 5

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