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Who is Miryea Stabile Isola dei Famosi: Age, Instagram and Pupa and Nerdy

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Who is Miryea Stabile Isola dei Famosi: Age, Instagram and Pupa and Nerdy

Miryea Stable it’s a influencer and graphic designer from Brescia aged 23 currently naugrafa of the Island of the Famous. Already known to the general public for having won La Pupa, The Nerdy and Vice Versa 2021 paired with the Marini nerd, the influencer is now engaged in reality TV The Island of the Famous 2021 in Honduras.

Who is Miryea Stabile?

  • First name: Miryea Stabile
  • Nickname: Mirea
  • Age: 23 years
  • Zodiac sign: Virgin
  • Date of birth: September 16, 1997
  • Birth place: Brescia
  • Height: unavailable
  • Weight: 59 kg (53 kg on Famous Island)
  • Tattoos: No visible tattoos
  • Official Instagram Profile: @miryeastabile
  • Tik Tok Profile: @miryeastabile_
  • Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @

Biography of Miryea

Miryea Stable was born in Brescia in 1997, but currently lives and works in Milan. Miryea attended ISSA Europe or a school of certifications in the fitness sector. Is exactly in the sports field in fact that Miryea also works as influencer, combining sport with another his great passion is that of beauty. He does not have a very good relationship with his mother: they often quarreled and over time they saw each other less and less. He told about the Island that the last time they saw each other they greeted each other badly and she misses her relationship with her mother very much.

Fit Influencer

Miryea Stable it’s a fit influencer, fashion blogger, hostess and model. He has worked both in the sports field (he is an ambassador of Milano_Fit) and in the show business, appearing in various programs such as: “Take me out”, “Detto Fatto”, “Furore” and “Guess My Age”. It was also hostesses for Yamaha and Ombrellina stands for motorcycle races. His most important participation, however, is that of Ciao Darwin in the episode “Belli contro Brutti” where he is part of the beautiful team.

It is also known to the general public for its participation and victory in the program “The Pupa, The Geek and Vice Versa 2021”.


Miryea boasts on his Instagram profile about 43 thousand followers. The girl mainly shares photos dedicated to fitness and beauty. Miryea with her sympathy is growing fast on Instagram. Miryea is very active also on the social TikTok where he has almost 40 thousand followers and where he often shares funny and viral videos.

miryea stable instagram


Miryea Stable is currently single. The girl declared that she could also find love on the Island of the Famous: she said she was open to new acquaintances. Compared to the girl’s past boyfriends, on the other hand, there is no information: Miryea keeps her private life top secret.

Island of the Famous 2021

Miryea Stabile is a shipwrecked de The Island of the Famous 2021, airing from March 15 this year. Led by Ilary Blasi, the program sees the former Olympic champion as a special correspondent Massimiliano Rosolino. Miryea is on her second experience in a reality show, we will follow it during its journey, also listening to the opinions of the commentators of the program: Elettra Lamborghini, Tommaso Zorzi And Iva Zanicchi. Mirya Stabile enters the second episode of the program, strong in her smile and her desire to show off. Miryea in the first episode is immediately taken in sympathy and is put in the Rafinados team. He manages to win in his second episode (the third from the start) a showdown against Francesca Lodo managing to obtain immunity for the whole team. Miryea also meets the sympathies of Awed, a competitor of the Burinos team for now a sympathy not reciprocated! In the fourth episode Miryea fails to win the reward test against Francesca Lodo: an apnea test.

While staying on the Island, Miryea Stable she immediately stood out for her spontaneity and sympathy. Miryea also disguises herself as a “Goddess of love” with twigs and leaves of luck to bring a little joy to the castaways and to fulfill some of their wishes. Among these Angela Melillo asks the “Goddess” to find a boyfriend for Daniela Martani who is moved. After losing the televoting against Awed Miryea is posted to Playa Esperanza where she finds Vera Gemma first and then Elisa Isoardi. The girl manages to survive for several days with the other “Amazons” and then comes back as an official competitor on the Playa with the other companions in the episode of April 15. Here begins a new phase of the Island of Miryea who is in effect still in the game. Miryea ends up again in the nomination in the episode of April 19 against Vera Gemma and Fariba Tehrani, at the behest of the leader Roberto Ciufoli who must choose the third name to be nominated and chooses Mirea. In the episode of April 29, he is nominated with Ubaldo and Manuela Ferrara.

Miryea is back in nomination in the episode of May 7 with Roberto Ciufoli and Emanuela Tittocchia e comes saved from televoting. Miryea decides to appoint “Valentina because I think he’s very strong and in any case he mentioned me last time “. During the reality show Miryea has several emotional and physical breakdowns due to hunger and this is also unleashed in the live broadcast on May 14 where he crashes live and leaves the Palapa for a few minutes. Miryea is eliminated in the episode of May 31 from the program: she leaves the game anyway with a milestone of fame and sympathy reached, making her known to the general public. Miryea was one of the undisputed protagonists of this edition of L’Isola dei Famosi.

Shipwrecked and Competitors Isola Dei Famosi:

Pupa and nerd

Miryea was part of the Cast de La Pupa, Il Secchione and Viceversa 2021 in the role of Pupa. The edition provided that five puppets were accompanied by as many nerds, and that three pupi instead of three nerds. The television program was conducted for the first time by Andrea Pucci, flanked by the historian Pupa, Francesca Cipriani and Diego Verdegiglio as a teacher. In the program Miryea was paired with the nerd Guidi: however, between the two already from the first episode some misunderstanding arises why Guidi was attracted to Pupa Stephanie and, being reciprocated, he spent a lot of time with her. This aroused Miryea’s jealousy and the two already argued at the first episode. In the second episode thanks to the remixing of the couples Miryea goes paired with the nerd Marini and Guidi pairs up with Stephanie. Myrea and Marini manage to triumph by winning the prize of twenty thousand euros: they are in fact the winning couple of the 2021 edition of La Pupa and the Geek!


  • The smile is its strong point
  • Miryea loves running very much: as a cardio activity in fact prefers running and regularly practices several sessions a week
  • He creates videos on social media where he shows and suggests workouts to his followers
  • Miryea Stabile trains at the Milano Ft gym in Nolo


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