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Amici 20: Singers and Dancers Competitors, Evening Bets, Professors and Winners

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Amici 20: Singers and Dancers Competitors, Evening Bets, Professors and Winners

Friends 20 is the new edition of the talent that airs between 2020 and 2021, starts November 14, 2020 on Canale 5 when the class of Friends of Maria De Filippi is formed.

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The Boys for the evening of Amici in Onda from 20 March are divided into 3 Teams:

TEAM 1: Deddy, Leonardo, Sangiovanni, Esa, Enula, Tommaso, Serena. Teachers: Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano.

TEAM 2: Gaia, Ibla, Raffaele, Tancredi, Alessandro, Martina and Rosa. Teachers: Arisa and Lorella Cuccarini.

TEAM 3: Aka7even, Giulia and Samuele. Teachers: Veronica Peparini and Anna Pettinelli.


In the first episode of the evening of Amici 20 is Eliminated Gaia Di Fusco in the first heat, and Esa Abrate in the second heat. The most voted performance is that of Sangiovanni the most appreciated singer of Amici 2021.


The challenges of the second episode are:

Serena Vs Rosa: Waltz on the notes of “the Merry Widow”
Serena Vs Martina: Classic and Neoclassical
Serena Vs Rosa: Can Can
Enula Vs Ibla: Physical
Raffaele Vs Deddy: Listen
Raffaele Vs Leonardo: Hey Mama



  • Gaia Di Fusco
  • Ibla
  • Deddy
  • Giulio Musca (eliminated)
  • Deddy
  • Letizia Bertoldi
  • Saint John
  • Esa Abrate
  • Federica La Rocca (eliminated)
  • Evandro (eliminated)
  • Arianna (eliminated)
  • Leonardo Lamacchia
  • Raffaele Renda
  • Elisabetta (postponed to next year)


  • Serena Marchese
  • Rose Of Grace
  • Martina Miliddi
  • Giulia Stabile
  • Riccardo Guarnaccia
  • Tommaso Stanzani

Gaia of Fusco

Gaia is a new singer of Amici. She enters the school as a replacement, taking the place of Elisabetta: Professor Arisa in fact considers her more suitable for the evening with so little work time ahead.

Serena Marchese

Serena Marchese is a Amici dancer who enters via challenge: she is an expert in different styles and her talent has been noticed by the teacher Alessandra Celentano.


Tancredi enters via a challenge against evandro on February 6: he is an already quite well-known singer-songwriter and has some singles already produced and published to his credit.


Elisabetta Ivankovich is an interpreter, she enters the school of Amici in place of Arianna Gianfelici through a challenge. The girl is also a great lover of photography. It is replaced and postponed to next year in favor of Gaia di Fusco.


The Sicilian singer-songwriter Ibla, born Claudia Iacono, enters the Amici 20 school through a challenge broadcast on January 9, 2021. The girl challenges both Arianna and Leonardo and Kika. The latter has the worst against the girl: in fact, she loses the bank and Ibla enters as an official competitor of the talent.


The boy officially enters the school after eliminating Giulio Musca. Deddy is a songwriter who plays the piano and his style is somewhat reminiscent of Ultimo. His unpublished work is entitled “Il cielo Contromano”.

Letizia Bertoldi

Letizia is a young opera singer, who impressed with the power and control of her voice.

Saint John

Saint John he is 17 years old, he turns 18 on January 9th. His real name is Damien Giovanni Pietro but he calls himself Sangiovanni because he doesn’t have the face of a saint. He can’t stand falsehoods and says that music is his whole life. Ad Amici 20 tries to enter with an unpublished one. San Giovanni conquers Rudy and Anna, but not Arisa, and conquers the first bench in the Amici 20 school.

Esa Abrate

Hex He is a 21-year-old boy of French origins who as a child immediately understood that he had a great passion for music and at 9 he started playing guitar, piano and ethnic percussion. He says he only feels himself when he sings. He performs with a very romantic novel that conquers the public: Rudy decides to give him a desk in the school.

Federica La Rocca

Federica La Rocca is an aspiring singer who works as a professional bartender. At 16 she left school and went through a dark period but singing and music saved her. Sing because, he said, it’s the most spontaneous thing he has in his life. Arisa decides to give the second bench to Federica who officially enters the school of Friends.


Evandro 19 years old, born in Beirut, he plays the guitar and started writing in a year spent studying in England. His favorite animal is the pigeon, because it can recognize electromagnetic fields and is used as a messenger. He can’t stand it when they underestimate him, he sang an unreleased song and Rudy gave him the bench letting him enter Amici’s school. He is being challenged by rap singer Tancredi and loses the challenge.


Arianna 19 years old, her father did not believe in the dream of singing but then he heard her sing at a competition and he who was under the stage understood that that was his dream. Arianna is self-taught and every now and then tells her mom that she will have to watch Amici alone because she wants to participate in the program. He sings “Destination Paradise” by Gianluca Grignani. The professors have removed the base but Rudy Zerbi decides to raise the bar again and give her the bench. Arianna officially enters the school of Friends.


Aka 7even is a young 19-year-old Neapolitan singer, with a style that he defines as unique and black. His real name is Luca Marzano and he proposes an unpublished one. The singer had already managed to make it to the Bootcamps of X Factor 2017. Anna Pettinelli decrees the entry into the school of the young man whose real name is Luca Marzano.

Leonardo Lamacchia

Leonardo La Macchia he is 26 years old, he is from Puglia but he moved to Milan to pursue his dream of becoming a singer. During the lockdown he was fired and found out what to do with his life. He will be a new student of Amici thanks to the positive vote of Rudy and Arisa.

Raffaele Renda

Raffaele she is 20 years old and lives with her family. Singing is a necessity for him, and for this reason he had to win over his father, who did not believe in it very much. For him, entering the School of Friends is a dream and thanks to the opportunity given by Anna Pettinelli and Arisa he will be a competitor of Amici 2020.

Giulio Musca

Giulio Musca is a 26-year-old singer-songwriter from Puglia. He sings one of his pieces at Amici’s castings, Rudy and Anna are not convinced but Arisa decides to give him a bench. It is eliminated in the episode of November 28th

Friends 20 Dancers

Between Dancers at present we have only one half certainty: Federico Petrucci should return in this edition. In fact, Federico had to leave immediately after being admitted to the school of the Amici 19 edition: he should therefore have the opportunity to return to this 2020 2021 edition.

Tommaso Stanziani

Tommaso is a dancer with an innate talent, already the protagonist of some television programs and his ability in dance has brought together all three of the judges of Amici who have assigned him a bench on December 12 without taking it away from the slump Riccardo Guarnaccia, already a student of school.

Rose Of Grace

Rose of Grace she is a twenty year old dancer who loves to dance in heels. Celentano has not convinced but Lorella Cuccarini takes her with her: Rosa wins the jersey of Friends 20. For her, joining Amici is a dream come true.

Samuele Barbetta

Samuel Barbetta he is a dancer who designs his own choreography, because thinking and designing for him is better than performing. His rather original choreography did not convince Celentano but Veronica decides to give him a bench.

Martina Miliddi

Martina Miliddi is a young 20-year-old dancer who has been dancing since the age of five and grew up seeing dancers on TV, declares that dancing is the only thing that can keep her from thinking. Lorella Cuccarini gives her the counter.

Giulia Stabile

Giulia 18, defines herself as very insecure and says she doesn’t like herself very much. The only thing that puts her at ease is dancing and she would like to enter the school to learn how to tame insecurity. Distinguishing features: always laughs! She showed up very nervous on the Amici stage, no dance teacher stopped her and Veronica Peparini gave her a bench so she will officially be a competitor of Amici.

Riccardo Guarnaccia

Riccardo was chosen by Lorella Cuccarini for a desk in the school of friends. His comment was “absolutely yes!”.


The winners of Friends of 20 They were: Giulia Stabile overall winner, Sangiovanni for the Singing category, Giulia Stabile also won the TIM audience award. Saint John it also won the Critics’ Tim Award, the Radio Award for Best Unpublished Work and the SIAE Award for Best Text. All the finalists Alessandro Cavallo, Deddy, Aka7even, Giulia Stabile and Sangiovanni won the Marlù prize worth 7 thousand euros each.

Friends 20 Professors

The professors confirmed for this edition of Amici are divided into song and dance.

Singing Professors: Rudy Zerbi, Arisa, Anna Pettinelli. Unconfirmed therefore Stash of The Kolors (who is about to become a father).

Dance Professors: Alessandra Celentano (with her assistant Maestro Alberto Montesso), Lorella Cuccarini and Veronica Peparini.

The artistic director of the evening is no longer Giuliano Peparini: he is replaced by the choreographer Stéphane Jarny

Professional Dancers

The professional dancers of the 2021 edition of Amici are:

The choreographer of the Serale di Amici 20 this year is no longer Giuliano Peparini: his position as artistic director is taken by Stephane Jarny accompanied by his dancer and assistant (and former student of Amici 14) Cristian Lo Presti.

When it airs

Friends 20 of Maria De Filippi goes on the air every Saturday from 2.10pm to 4pm on Canale 5 at hours and every day on italia 1 per the daily appointment at 7 pm lasting 30 minutes. The evening of Amici istarts on March 20 on Canale 5 covering the prime time slot on Saturday evening.


The jurors of Amici’s evening are: Stash, Emanuele Filiberto, Stefano De Martino.

During the Saturday afternoon episode there are many artists who perform in the Amici 20 program: among them the singer Aiello.


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