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Sidney Hoffmann: The fortune of the car tuner

How much money does Sidney Hoffmann have?

Sidney Hoffmann was born on September 2, 1979 in Dortmund and became known throughout Germany through the documentary soap Die PS-Profis: More Power from the Pot. He also has his own tuning company called Sidney Industries and a YouTube channel of the same name with over 230,000 subscribers. The cherished Sidney Hoffmann’s net worth is 1 million euros.

The life of Sidney Hoffmann

Sidney Hoffmann's income
Sidney Hoffmann discovered his interest in tuning very early on. At the age of 16 he already had screwed to a motorcycle, the Suzuki Gamma, through which he was able to gain his first experience. After he discovered his talent in this, he also took on this job for friends’ vehicles and later studied mechanical engineering, but he had dropped out. To date, he has financed his studies by repairing accident vehicles.

In 2007 he founded Five Star Performance GmbH with Jean Pierre Kraemer (JP Performance) in his hometown Dortmund. Through a pilot film, which was shot by FOCUS, both got their own docu-soap, which was broadcast by DSF (later: Sport1) from 2009. Over 100 episodes were produced for Die PS-Profis.

Careers through TV broadcasts

In addition to the docu-soap The PS professionals also became the VOX broadcast 2 professionals for 4 bikes shot, also with JP Performance. The aim here was to find a suitable used vehicle for a customer. During the inspection of these vehicles, both moderators were accompanied by a camera. From 2010 to 2012 he could also be seen in Turbo – the car magazine and at My new car in 2012.

March 23, 2020 started the new show Sidney’s world on DMAX. The tuner, businessman and YouTuber is getting his own DMAX series, which we are sure to get to know a lot better. He already answered a few questions about himself in advance, for example he announced to DMAX that he is a BVB fan. There is also more news: Sidney Hoffmann is going to be a dad, his girlfriend is pregnant!

Own YouTube channel for tuning vehicles of all kinds

Sidney Hoffmann's salary

Sidney Hoffmann got the at the end of 2012 YouTube channel called Sidney Industries opened, which today has over 230,000 subscribers. He mainly deals with motor vehicles on his channel, but he has also shown the tuning of motorcycles.

In 2018 it got a little quieter, because he said goodbye on his social media channels and stated that he needed a break so that he could calmly consider how to proceed. Before the announcement, he had closed his workshop without having found a new location. However, the workshop has been back in operation since May 2018in a building at Brandschachtstrasse 14 – as always, of course in his hometown of Dortmund.

Income from Sidney Industries on YouTube

On average, Sidney Hoffmann’s videos are viewed around 200,000 to 330,000 times a month. According to SocialBlade, this results in a monthly YouTube salary of up to 1,900 euros, however, this value can be higher or lower in reality.

Cash flow from merchandising

Merit of Sidney Hoffmann

Sidney Hoffmann also runs one own shop for clothes, special headlights, DR! FT model cars (including individual parts), his book and accessories such as license plate holders with his logo.

Since sales are carried out through their own shop, the resulting profit is slightly higher. Hoffmann does not have to pay any fees to a service provider with his own shop. How much sales he generates through his online shop, however, is unknown and is difficult to estimate. the The online shop is likely to generate hefty sales, mainly due to the high number of its fans.

Profit with the tuning workshop

the Workshop in Dortmund offers, among other things, a rim trade, tuning of the chassis, modifications in the design, wide body, exhaust systems and adjustments in the performance. This is obviously his main source of income. He maintains a team of 11 people here, with each team member doing a different job.

Book: It’s not normal – a PS professional on the move

In 2018 Sid Hoffmann published his own book, which is It’s not normal: a PS pro on the move names. The book also became a SPIEGEL bestseller.

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