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Simon Cowell: The Net Worth of the Film and TV Producer

How rich is Simon Cowell?

Simon Cowell is one of the Europeans who has also made it very well known in the USA. After all, his career in the music industry took him across the pond from London to Los Angeles. Simon even co-invented the British-American casting shows “Britain’s Got Talent,” “The X Factor,” “America’s Got Talent” and “The X Factor USA”. Before that, he was able to appear in the TV formants “Pop Idol” and “American Idol”. The cherished Simon Cowell’s net worth is € 500 million.

With casting shows to wealth

Income from Simon Cowell
Since 2002, the humorous TV and music producer has been seen repeatedly on TV in the formats mentioned. After all, these casting shows are so popular with TV audiences that most of these shows have already run numerous seasons. The Briton also made the leap to the big screen a long time ago. In “One Direction: All for One“It was shown in 2012. However, his film debut is much further back.

In 2003 cinema audiences admire Simon Cowell also in “Scary Movie 3”. In his role as a producer he has also contributed to the entertainment of countless music fans around the world. This applies to the productions “One Chance – Once in a Lifetime” and “One Direction: This Is Us” from 2013 as well as to Simon’s roles as voice actor in the following films and TV series:

  • Shrek 2 – The daring hero returns
  • The simpsons
  • Family guy

The life of the famous TV judge

Merit of Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell was born in London, although he grew up in the British county of Hertfordshire. The fact that his father was also a senior executive in the music business certainly inspired his son’s later career. It was also his father who initially gave him a simple entry-level job at EMI Music Publishing. The son’s first million earned his first million all by himself and not from the job his father had previously given him. Rather, he persuaded two British actors, Jerome Flynn and Robson Green, to record a song with him that they had previously sung on the TV show “Soldier Soldier”. This song was “Unchained Melody. “

The duo’s song quickly made it to number 1 on the UK charts. Eventually, the track even became the best-selling singles of 1995. So through his tenacity, Cowell made his first fortune with these two guys. Also Westlife is one of the other acts Cowell signed and has thus impressively demonstrated its standing in the music business. After all, Westlife have sold more than 50 million records worldwide in the course of their career.

Simon Cowell’s business

Simon Cowell fortune

Of course, Simon Cowell also benefited greatly from this. Before he was seen on TV for the first time, the juror had already had an eventful career in the music business. After all, he was with the company for nine years American Idol as a juror to see. At the beginning of 2010, however, this career should come to an end. After all, Simon wanted to focus more on the equally successful TV format “The X Factor”.

The fact that Simon Cowell sometimes gives harsh comments to the candidates at these casting shows, has not harmed his career in the slightest. In a way, Simon Cowell and his German colleague, Dieter Bohlen, are therefore very similar. In 2013, Simon Cowell received a very fitting award. He was named “Favorite Villain” at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards. The Briton was able to secure the 2642nd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in August 2018. Thus, another highlight of the Englishman’s career was cast in cement.

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