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Sonja Zietlow: The assets and fees of the jungle camp moderator

How much money does Sonja Zietlow earn?

Sonja Zietlow is one of the women in the German TV landscape who made it all the way to the top. The jungle camp may be a rather controversial TV format. But already in 2013 it was rumored that the presenter should have received a fee of 40,000 euros per broadcast in the jungle camp. The fact that the Munich resident is so well received has certainly helped her to get this princely payment. Together with Daniel Hartwich, she can inspire the viewers of the jungle camp year after year. Even if her husband, Jens Oliver Haas, is supposed to be responsible for writing most of her moderation texts, the woman at his side is anything but upside down. The cherished Sonja Zietlow’s assets are 6 million euros.

Commitment to animal welfare

Income from Sonja Zietlow
Her IQ of 132 ensures that Sonja Zietlow can join the ranks of the gifted. In 2016 she also made it onto the list of the best amateur golfers in Germany with a handicap of 4.8. But Zietlow is not just looking to make a name for himself and advance her career. Rather, it also makes itself strong for animal welfare. The TV star not only co-founded the association “Protector instincts”. In addition, Sonja appears as the patron of this association. In addition to training dogs for therapeutic purposes, dogs in need are particularly important to the association.

Different TV formats

From “Shall we bet ?! Bülent versus Chris “on”I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!”To“ Stars in the mirror – tell me how I am! ”The Bonn native has been moderating many TV formats for many years. In addition, there are individual special programs as well as time-limited series that bring a bit of variety to the daily work of the Munich woman. For example, the blonde has already participated in “Big Brother”, “Guinness World Records – We’re bringing the record to Germany” and “Ab durch die Wand” with Dirk Bach. Sonja also gives her best at the dog show “Dog House” on ZDF.

This is how Sonja Zietlow came to television

That Sonja Zietlow is a Left his career with the German airline Lufthansain order to get started on television, probably only their die-hard fans know. Following her successful high school diploma, today’s presenter initially accepted an animation job at Club Med. Until 1989 she attended a commercial aviation school in Bremen, where Sonja successfully acquired her commercial pilot license. This was followed by her time as first officer in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 for Germany’s most famous airline.

A successful TV career with high salaries

Sonja Zietlow's fortune
But her appearance on the TV format “Heart is trump” on Sat.1 should change everything. Sonja Zietlow was unexpectedly discovered for television, so she first took a vacation to her old boss, the airline Lufthansa, in order to be able to pursue this new career path. The ex-pilot is now so well-known and prominent that she has even had her own wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Berlin. From RTL II to Sat.1 and RTL, the presenter has already made stops on a wide variety of major television channels.

From 1997 to 2001, for example, she had her own talk show, which was shown under the name “Sonja” on Sat.1 in the afternoon program. That Sonja Zietlow is also up to date in terms of sport, was able to prove it in a four-part documentary called “Sonja is drafted”. The fit star completed four different Bundeswehr training courses as part of these TV productions. In general, this woman stands for shallow conversation. This is how her career finally began when the newcomer once presented bizarre commercials from various countries around the world on RTL II on the program “Hotzpotz”. In any case, Sonja Zietlow has already had a lot of success and will keep us entertained on television for a longer time.

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