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Star in the star: Claudio Baglioni and Luca Laurenti (PHOTO and VIDEO)

Star in the star: Luca Laurenti is the artist who hides behind the mask of Claudio Baglioni? On the web, users have very few doubts: it is he who plays the singer of This little big love, but is it really so?

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Star in the star: Luca Laurenti and Claudio Baglioni?

Luca Laurenti, waiting to return to Avanti another one alongside Paolo Bonolis, seems to have allowed himself the adventure of Star in the star: is he behind the mask of Claudio Baglioni? It seems so! The world of the web, in this regard, has no doubts. Here is what you read, for example, on Twitter:

But the voice is the same as this point I tell you that this is the real Baglioni who plays Baglioni or is it Luca Laurenti

The way in which we all immediately understood that it is Luca Laurenti

However, under Baglioni there is Luca Laurenti and I recognized him not from his voice but from how the piano sounded like another one

But so Luca Laurenti manages to live without Paolo Bonolis

It is clearly Luca Laurenti

Who is Luca Laurenti?

Luca Laurenti is a very nice artist, TV presenter and comedian, musician and singer, gifted with an extraordinary and surprising voice. With his dear friend and colleague Paolo Bonolis, he is in fact one of the most popular television couples on Italian television. Luce and Paolo in the years in which they started their respective cook sets were already friends: to support himself, Laurenti performed as a singer in a Roman club where he had also worked first as a dishwasher and then as a waiter. Arriving in Milan, Paolo invites Luca to move into his modest house, rather than live in a hotel.

Luca Laurenti and Paolo Bonolis in 1991, at the beginning of their careers, during the Urka! / Photo: Televisionando

The two, Luca and Paolo, begin to form a steady couple on TV, starting to have good success in Saturday Night Live, in Fantastic Italian, to The brains it’s at Miss Italy in the World. In 1998 Luca Laurenti released his first album Naked in the world, from which the single is extracted Fall in love with us. Over the years Luca has been the protagonist of several Mediaset television hits, where he appears as host, comedian, singer and musician: The cat and the fox, Hi Darwin, Who framed Peter Pan, A Wednesday for fans, Serie A – Great football, The meaning of life, Happy Sunday.

Full cast for Happy Sunday 1997 conducted by Maurizio Costanzo with the collaboration of Luca Laurenti, Claudio Lippi and the new Showgirl Laura Freddi and Demo Morselli / Photo: Panorama

Great success from 200 to 2004 for Luca Laurenti his conduct of the satirical news Strip The News, broadcast from Monday to Saturday on Canale 5.

In the years of Strip the news, with Paolo Bonolis and the showgirls Elisabetta Canalis and Maddalena Corvaglia / Photo: La Milano

Our Luca is also present on the big screen with the films: The year of cats, directed by Amasi Damiani (1979), Turin Boys, directed by Manetti Bros. (1997), The phobics, directed by Giancarlo Scarchilli (1999), Body Guards – Bodyguards (where he plays himself), directed by Neri Parenti (2000), Me & Marilyn, directed by Leonardo Pieraccioni (2009).

With Leonardo Pieraccioni in a film scene Me & Marilyn / Photo: MoviePlayer

As a voice actor he lends his unmistakable voice to the animated character Stuart Little, a cute little mouse in the films
Stuart Little in Stuart Little – A Little Mouse, Stuart Little 2, Stuart Little 3 – A Mouse in the Forest. His voice acting experience also continues with Lenny in Shark Tale, Ray ne The Princess and the Frog, Dwight ne The Simpsons, season 19 episode 4, Forky in Toy Story 4, The whys of Forky for Disney, Real Estate Rat in Tom & Jerry.

Luca, voice of The whys of Forky for Disney, with singer Arisa / Photo: Disney Kingdom

On television Luca Laurenti is the star of the sitcom Don Luca, in which he plays the role of a priest alongside Marisa Merlini and Paolo Ferrari.

In a sitcom scene Don Luca / Photo: Digital News

Do you know that Luca Laurenti is also a writer? In 2005 he published the autobiography for Mondadori Are you doing it or are you there ?. The title, as he himself is very keen to point out, takes up a question that has always haunted him.

In the dubbing room / Photo: Super Eva

Who is Luca Laurenti married to?

Luca Laurenti has been married since 1994 to Raffaella Ferrari, known thanks to his best friend Paolo Bonolis. Luca’s wife does not belong to the entertainment world and tends to always be away from the spotlight.

Luca and his wife Raffaella / Photo:

How old is Luca Laurenti?

Luca Laurenti is 58 years old: he was born in Rome on April 29, 1963, under the zodiac sign of Taurus.


From the great love of Luca and Raffaella, Andrea, their only son, was born in 1997. Even the young man remains far from the world of entertainment and lives with his parents in Milan.

The artist with his wife Raffaella and son Andrea / Photo:

Andrea Laurenti, son of Luca / Photo: Mammastobene


Luca, thanks to his success, boasts of all respect that even reaches 40 thousand euros per episode. Obviously his remuneration is the result of years of working life and sacrifices.

Paolo Bonolis

It is not really possible to separate Luca Laurenti from Paolo Bonolis. The artistic partnership and their over ten-year friendship over time have become increasingly consolidated, so much so that they have become almost two faces of the same coin.

They are different, of course, but in that harmonious way in which one complements the other, one is complementary to the other. If Bonolis is pungent, ironic, sarcastic, Luca Laurenti is the dreamer, the most naive one, the child side of the duo. And this mix of contrasts makes them one of the most loved and appreciated couples by the public, ever since. Also because the two have shown that they know how to hold the reins of very different programs together.

Luca and Paolo / Photo: Il Mattino

It is said that the first meeting between Luca Laurenti and Paolo Bonolis took place during an audition. Luca showed up late, also bringing his pianola from home. After the initial bewilderment, Bonolis appreciated his voice as he performed the piece Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder. Neither of them could have imagined it, but that would have been the beginning of a very long friendship and an equally long professional partnership.

Luca and Paolo Bonolis always surprise with very successful comic skits / Photo: Everyeye Tv Series


Luca Laurenti’s official Instagram page has about 250,000 followers. Click HERE to view their profile.

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