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Steve Storch Bellido


Storch Bellido was a multimillionaire in 2003. The year before, the couple moved to South Florida and Storch paid for the birth of their second son, Jalen Daniel. In that same year, Storch became a hot producer. In addition to buying expensive cars, he was conspicuously consumed. Many say the fame belongs to Storch.

He ran from Home

Scott Storch, the father of Steve Bellido, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended Bensalem Pennsylvania School and then dropped out of school in the ninth grade. At the age of 16, Scott Storch ran away from home. He moved to Cherry Hill, New Jersey, where he eventually married Vanessa Bellido and they had a son. But he did not live in the city of Philadelphia and had to move back.

Father Career

The father of Steve Bellido, Scott Storch, is a singer and songwriter. He started writing songs in his teens and joined the soul rock group The Vagrants. His children include Steve Storch Bellido, who is a musician, and Jalen, who is a rap singer. 

Career as a Singer

After graduation, Storch went back to Philadelphia to start a career as a singer. He founded the soul-rock band The Vagrants and wrote songs for artists like Eddie Money and Dave Mason. His father and mother were divorced and he dropped out of school. When he was eighteen, he left his parents and was expelled from his school. His son, Steve Bellido, was born on 16 December 1973.

Parents Life 

The father of Steve Storch is a musician and writer. He has four children. He is a proud father of four. He is married to Florence Mirsky, who co-owns a chocolate company called Koko Nuggz. They have a son named Leo Storch. It was a pleasure to meet him. Besides, he is a good sportsman and a good husband.

His Journey 

After leaving his high school, Storch began a professional music career in the 1990s. He joined the hip hop group the Roots as a keyboard player. He was a prominent member of the Roots’ second and third albums. He also had a role on Illadelph Halflife. However, Storch disliked touring and would rather work in the studio, so he decided to focus on a career in music production.

Write songs for Others

 His father was a musician who wrote songs for many artists, including Dave Mason and Eddie Money. He was born in Philadelphia and lived in Bensalem, Pennsylvania until he was eighteen. He grew up as a single parent and had a son with his wife, Vanessa Bellido. His father had two daughters with his wife while he was in the ninth grade. 

His Son 

In addition to being a famous musician, Steve Storch has a family of his own. His parents are divorced, and he has two sons. His son was born on April 16, 2006  named Leo Bellido. He is a native of South Florida. This is his hometown, and he grew up in the neighborhood. Despite being a very young child, his father was a music enthusiast.

Love Life

While in college, Storch Spencer was a member of the soul rock band The Vagrants. He worked as a musician with artists like Dave Mason and Eddie Money. While he was in college, he met Vanessa Bellido and became friends. During the time, the two met and became close. Afterwards, they got married. 


The two met in high school and later became friends. Then, they worked together. In 1991, Storch became a member of the Roots, and he collaborated with Dr. Dre on Still D.R.E., a hip-hop album. After that, he became addicted to cocaine and lost his home and sports cars. Thankfully, he recovered and now has a successful music career.


While Storch is a successful music producer, his career has not been without controversy. In 2005, he was signed to the Sony Music label by Paris Hilton. He produced eight of the album. Although Storch continues to work with top-name artists, he has not yet made the Billboard Top 10 since he signed the reality TV star. Nevertheless, he has a reputation for arrogance and has failed to care for his offspring.

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