Taxidermy for Hunters: A Guide to Displaying Your Trophies

For hundreds of years, hunting has been a popular pastime in Africa. Possessing a full-body mount of an elegantly running antelope or showing your own antlers is one of the most satisfying experiences for a rifle or bow hunter. 

There are DIY options available, while taxidermy will result in a majestic and eye-catching artwork that will celebrate your trophy for years to come. 

Taxidermy is a specialist artform that has evolved over hundreds of years. Starting from its early days as means of scientifically preserving various species for public display or record, today taxidermy has become a means of celebrating the natural world for years to come. 

For bow hunters, taxidermy is often an integral part of the thrilling experience of bagging a prize trophy antelope or big cat. The hunting expedition itself is often long and arduous, and requires careful skill on the part of the hunter to shoot a trophy animal. 

This is an experience like no other, and after having dedicated so much time and money to this singular experience, it is understandable that the trophy hunter would wish to preserve their trophies along with the memory of the experience. 

Skilled taxidermists are able to carefully re-envision your trophy using excellent craftsmanship, often creating beautiful settings and pedestals on which to display the animal. The taxidermy process is typically one of careful consultation, whereby the client is able to explain their vision for the trophy and have this vision perfectly re-created by the taxidermist. 

As such, one could almost say that the taxidermy process is the feather in the cap of an unforgettable experience. 

This article will discuss the most common methods by which hunters and taxidermy aficionados present their antelope taxidermy. 

1.Antler mounts

Among the many taxidermy possibilities for antelope, antler mounts are the simplest. It’s a less complex option that nonetheless does a great job of highlighting your buck’s antlers’ total amount of points.

2.Skull mounts

Do you think it’s more impressive to display the buck’s antlers or skull? You might consider either a fake or real skull mount. If you compare it to a regular skull mount, you’ll find that a fake is far cleaner. Of course, some hunters would rather show off the genuine skull.

Mounted skeletons are the earliest example of taxidermy, while preserving the mount is very straightforward Basically, you just need to give the skull a slow boil and a good pressure washing. Keep in mind that conventional skull mounts present a unique cleaning challenge.

3.Shoulder mount

Shoulder mounts of deer are among the most common types of taxidermy because they allow the animal to be displayed in a sneak, semi-sneak, or upright position, highlighting the animal’s alert eyes and impressive antlers. 

The shoulder mount is a surefire hit whether you opt for the do-it-yourself approach or hire a professional taxidermist. However, if you’re hoping to find something truly special, you might want to try some other options. 

4.Wall pedestal mount

In addition to the standard shoulder mount, the wall pedestal mount is another visually striking option. A gorgeous buck mounted on a pedestal would be an excellent addition to any collection of trophies.

If you currently have a lot of shoulder mounts and are looking for something new, this is a perfect choice. 

5.Traditional pedestal mount

If you have a really impressive taxidermy specimen of antelope, you can showcase it as a pedestal mount in a prominent location. If you have plenty of area for your trophy collection, you might want to select a traditional pedestal mount rather than a shoulder mount or wall mount.

6.Full body mount

Do you hope to one day display your antelope as a complete body mount? This antelope taxidermy option can be fairly costly, but it is the dream of any hunter or taxidermy fanatic. 

Most do-it-yourselfers avoid doing projects of this scale and complexity because they are best left to professional taxidermists.

Mounting your full-size buck can be done in a variety of interesting ways. For a more regal presentation, you can show the animal in motion (running, leaping, etc.), or have it rest peacefully among some bushes. It will look beautiful no matter what you decide.

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