Teloxis aristata where to buy it?

Krea Modeling Kit Trees and Plants for All Stairs Teloxis Aristata: Toys & Games.

How to grow Teloxis Aristata?

Grows: Sow the seeds under cover in April or directly into the ground, 1cm deep, in May. The seeds germinate in 7 to 14 days. Plant the seedlings in the ground 20-25 cm apart in the second half of May, when there is no risk of frost.

How to make the crib vegetation?

To make bushes it is possible to use Lichens, which can be purchased ready-made, or collected in nature, dried and dyed. Once the moss has been cleaned from the earth and dried, it is modeled giving it the desired shape and positioned on stage.

How to stabilize crib plants?

The foot of the still fresh plant is immersed in 5 cm of stabilization solution. This solution is based on vegetable glycerin, water, food coloring and nutrients. Glycerin helps to retain water inside the plant and the coloring of the food gives the desired color.

How to stabilize a rose without glycerin?

For a whole day, soak them in a solution of water and salt, one tablespoon per liter. 1- Then deprive the stem of the roses from the leaves, without tearing them but cutting them off at the point of insertion on the branch.

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How to dry the flowers with glycerin?

To give it you will have to put the flowers in question in a bucket full of hot water, then dissolve one part of glycerin with two parts of hot water and pour the liquid obtained into some jars of the perfect size to contain your flowers. The stems will be cut diagonally.

How to stabilize lavender?

Look for a dry, dark place, such as a shed, garage, or shady spot under a tree. Hang the lavender bouquet upside down. Attach a piece of the elastic to a hook or nail, or tie it to a coat hanger. Let the lavender dry for 2 to 4 weeks.

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