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The 10 most valuable sports clubs in the world

If you take a closer look at the 50 most valuable sports teams in the world, you will find that each of these teams is worth an average of $ 1.75 billion. Compared to the previous year, the value of the top 50 sports clubs has increased by 31 percent. There are 62 teams around the world, each worth more than $ 1 billion – a hefty sum when you consider that the value of a team is likely to change with the caliber of its players. However, if you consider that fantasy sports are on the rise in the USA and that most sports fans continue to support their teams live in the stadium, the value of the large and well-known teams could soar even further in the next few years. There are hardly any surprises in the top 10. These are long-established teams that have been able to sign many well-known names for their sport. But which team is the most valuable in the world? Has a European club made it all the way to the top or are the Americans dominating this list? We reveal it in our top 10.

Bayern Munich did not make it into the top 10 list with 15th place, but this club is not doing badly either. Germany’s most important football club is currently worth USD 2.71 billion.

These are the 10 most valuable sports teams in the world

10San Francisco 49ers ($ 3 billion worth) NFL

Actually, from a sporting point of view, things have been pretty quiet for the 49ers in recent years, but they were able to share 10th place with the Lakers. The numerous fans make this placement possible, so that the sporting deficits of recent years do not gnaw on the club.

10Los Angeles Lakers ($ 3 billion value) NBA

This NBA team has always been able to inspire a wide variety of stars and starlets. The A-tier of Hollywood stars like to be seen at the LA Lakers on the sidelines. Quite apart from that, the Lakers are also one of the best basketball teams in the United States. Even though the team won their last title in 2010, the Lakers are financially looking better. Former superstar Kobe Bryant, who has already retired from his career, has ensured, among other things, that his team, the Los Angeles Lakers, are again in the focus of the media.

8thNew York Giants ($ 3.1 billion value) NFL

The New York Giants football team led by Eli Manning last won the Super Bowl in 2011. Nevertheless, the team is in an absolute top position financially. The owners John Mara and Steve Tisch will be delighted, as their franchise is one of the 10 most valuable clubs in the world.

7thNew York Knicks ($ 3.3 billion value) NBA

Even if the New York Knicks are hardly taken seriously, their venue, Madison Square Garden in the Big Apple, still casts a spell over many fans. The team has had a few minor successes on the field in recent years, but the motto of the Knicks basketball games is “See and be seen.” For example, Spike Lee is one of the super fans who keeps coming back to New York Knicks Playing is seen in Madison Square Garden.

6thNew England Patriots ($ 3.4 billion value) NFL

Last year the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl with superstar Tom Brady for the 5th time and financially things are going really well for this team. Also in the new season, owner Robert Kraft’s starting squad will step on the gas again and get closer to the goal of a second Super Bowl title in a row.

5Real Madrid (worth $ 3.58 billion)

In 2015 it was still in first place and in 2016 in second place of the most valuable clubs in the world, but in 2017 Real slipped to 5th position. Real Madrid around superstar Cristiano Ronaldo not only breaks records regularly, for example with a winning streak of 22 games in a row, but also has one of the most fans worldwide.

4thFC Barcelona (worth $ 3.64 billion)

FC Barcelona is just behind Manchester United. Lionel Messi and Neymar are an unbeatable team and a real blessing for this club. Barcelona is also the first European club to win La Liga, the UEFA Champions League and Copa del Rey titles twice (2009 and 2015) all in the same year.

3Manchester United ($ 3.69 billion worth)

Manchester United are the most valuable team in the British Premier League. Last year alone, the club around superstar Paul Pogba generated sales of 609 million euros. The American family Glazer has owned the traditional club since 2003.

2New York Yankees ($ 3.7 billion value) MLB

The New York Yankees are arguably the most famous baseball team in the world. The Yankees brand has only benefited from this in recent years and the YES Network of the Yankees is one of the most popular sports channels in the region. Twenty percent of the revenue from the TV business goes straight to the baseball team’s coffers. Last year, the team was therefore able to look forward to terrific income.

1Dallas Cowboys ($ 4.2 billion value) NFL

This club has been the NFL’s most valuable team for years, and the Dallas Cowboys Stadium has made a significant contribution. Season after season, the stadium, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and the players themselves ensure that tickets for the Cowboys’ games are regularly sold out, which of course brings the team considerable income from ticket sales. The 25-year contract with the American mobile phone giant AT&T, after which the Dallas Cowboys Stadium was named during this period, also brought a hefty sum into the coffers of the cowboys. AT&T is spending a full 500 million US dollars on this fun.

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