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The 10 richest poker players in the world

Do you think you have to be a billionaire like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Oprah Winfrey to live a luxurious life? Do you think you need a solid education to get lots of money, success, and fame so that you can use it to make your dreams come true? Do you really think so? In the World of high stakes poker looks different. In this world you can go from dishwasher to millionaire in less than an hour in case of doubt. Poker made it big in America a few decades ago, which stands to reason because the opportunities to win are pretty damn close to what is commonly referred to as the American Dream.

Incredible success and fortune as a simple poker player?

There’s money in everything in the world – as long as you’re really good at it. This is a common saying in the business world, and it is certainly true in the poker world. In gambling there is also the common word game “The bank always wins” – and it does, it has been mathematically proven, you will only get rich if you are in the right place at the right time and if you are the lucky one who takes the amount, for the hundreds bled before you. It’s different in poker – you compete against human opponents, you can only gain advantages through skill – a bit of luck is also part of it, is the “top cover”, so draw the next card and see whether the result fits, but a common one Strategy for many approaches, but the result is calculable if you are fit in your head. Some players have adapted their game so that it is already a routine when you leave the tables of tournaments around the world with millions of dollars. In top form, some players play themselves rich, others don’t, that’s part of the competition – there is always a winner and a loser, in the case of poker there is usually one winner for every four losers, according to a recent study. Poker has changed a lot over the years – from being a casual game to being a pastime, poker has become one of the most popular card games. The internet has had a huge impact on this development, and has literally helped the game to grow in this way. Nowadays, anyone with access to the Internet can finally put their skills to the test by logging in to an online portal and getting started.
Some of the poker superstars that follow have made it big on the internet – let’s get started and see you the richest poker players in 2016!

They are the richest poker pros in the world

10John Juanda: $ 4.4 Million Net Worth

Unless you are an avowed fan of poker, the chances are you have never heard of Juanda. To keep it short: the Indonesian-born American is a successful poker player who has won the World Series of Poker four times during his career. His success in poker earned him a whopping $ 4.4 million fortune – not a sum to complain about so easily? Still, $ 4.4 million is pretty negligible if you just look at other well-known players of the guild – but Juanda is enjoying his success, and I don’t know about you, but I would have little complaint to make if I was 4 , Made $ 4 million from a game of cards.

Juanda noticed his exceptional poker skills during his first stay in the United States – shortly thereafter, in 1996, he decided to pursue a full-time career. Proof of his skills is the extraordinarily short time in which he reached the World Series finals – 3 years. In addition, he has twice won the title of “Player of the Year” from Cardplayer magazine, namely in 2001 and 2002. Not a small success, one might think.

John Juanda fortune

9Annie Duke: $ 8 Million Net Worth

Next on the list is Annie Duke, with a fortune of a whopping $ 8 million. She is also the first woman on the list. Her unofficial title is “Duchess of Poker”, which she has received from her fan base and her opponents alike for her extraordinary skills. But she also had some successes at the beginning of her career, for example she trained the world-famous US actor Ben Affleck – anything but a small honor, especially since she had only been playing professional poker for a few months at the time.

Annie Duke net worth

8thAndrew Feldman: $ 10 Million Net Worth

Andrew Feldman is (or was, but more on that later) a poker millionaire from England. His success in poker, along with his great fortune, did not come from winning a large number of tournaments of all kinds, no, his fortune came from playing in online cardrooms. The likable Briton started playing poker at the age of 18 – as soon as it was legal. The lousy side of the story: his quick and great success drove him into a terrible gambling addiction from which he had long hoped to recover. He is now back on the road and, according to current reports, has even been able to completely settle his debts.

7thDaniel Negreanu: $ 15 Million Net Worth

Daniel was born in Toronto, Canada, but his parents are originally from Romania, near the Transylvania region. By the way, Daniel’s most successful year was 2004, when he was voted Card Player and WSOP Player of the Year. Daniel now owns 4 WSOP bracelets and has won the World Poker Tour twice, so he’s had some successes. He has officially been playing for PokerStars since 2007. Daniel Negreanu is not only one of the richest players in poker who has made his fortune hard, no – he is also regarded by connoisseurs as one of the best.

Daniel Negreanu net worth

6thAntonio Esfandiari: Net Worth $ 17 Million

Antonio Esfandiari is originally from Iran, but moved to California with his parents as a child. His fortune is mainly due to the win in The Big One for One Drop 2012 at the WSOP, where the buy-in was a very proud $ 1,000,000 and he won a record-breaking sum. Esfandiari has won sums of money at some tournaments around the world that went down in history as the highest paid-out win in poker history.

Antonio Esfandiari fortune

5Chris Ferguson: $ 25 Million Net Worth

The 52-year-old Californian, who looks like a cowboy, has won countless tournaments in his career, including five wins in the World Series of Poker tournament. By the way: did you know that Chris has very educated parents? His parents both received doctorates, both in mathematics. Chris is particularly known for going to expensive luxury restaurants with pleasure and often, he likes to indulge himself in gourmet meals in upscale restaurants – even in restaurants where even rich personalities only eat at Christmas, the star indulges himself in round the year one or the other culinary delicacy.

Chris Ferguson net worth

4thErik Seidel: Net Worth $ 41 Million

Born in New York, the former stockbroker finished second in his first poker tournament at the main event of the WSOP in 1988. He is one of the most successful poker players in the world, he also owns a total of 8 bracelets that he won at WSOP tournaments, the last one he won in 2007. He also played backgammon professionally in earlier times. The number of victories in major tournaments on his part is impressive, only a few have recorded more victories. He won his biggest prize money to date at an Aussie Millions event in 2011, namely a total of 2.5 million US dollars.

Erik Seidel fortune

3Phil Ivey: $ 98 Million Net Worth

Ivey is arguably one of the best poker players of our time, no question about it. The “Tiger Woods of Poker” has an impressive 8 WSOP bracelets and was able to win the World Poker Tour 2008, where he was in the finals nine times over the years, an unbelievable rate of participation. Even among connoisseurs, he is considered one of the best players in the world. His skill with the cards is legendary. If you ask people all over the world who the best poker player in the world is, Phil Ivey almost always comes up as the answer.

Phil Ivey net worth

2Sam Farha: $ 100 Million Net Worth

Sam Farha was born in Lebanon but grew up in America. He has built a luxurious existence as a poker player since he first decided to play poker in the early 1990’s. Since then he has risen to become one of the most famous poker players in the world – and one of the richest too.

Sam Farha fortune

1Dan Bilzerian: $ 150 Million Net Worth

Even if you have absolutely nothing to do with poker and do not know the previous 9 personalities, then you still have Dan Bilzerian in mind, and I’ll make every bet. He is world-famous for his lifestyle, he lives the life of a playboy with big guns and hot women, with fast cars and luxurious pools. But he also meets with criticism that he should donate his wealth to charity, but hand on heart: Who can blame him for it? Or what would you do if you had more money than you can ever spend? During his professional poker career, Dan Bilzerian has amassed an incredible fortune, one of his most lucrative years was 2013, when he was able to collect a total of 10.8 million US dollars in poker winnings – yes you hear that right, that’s a fitting amount for its high performance, right?

And how does a Bilzerian type of poker lover live? Well, needless to say, one of his Las Vegas apartments has a panoramic view of the Las Vegas Strip, right? In his numerous lifestyle videos, he also shows off his wardrobe, which is filled with top designer names such as Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Burberry. Bilzerian made the American Dream come true for himself personally.

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