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The amazing fortune of rapper P. Diddy (Sean Combs)

How rich is P. Diddy really?

It might come as a surprise to many that a Howard University dropout would make it this far. But not for Sean Combs, as P. Diddy’s real name is. Because he had always believed in himself and his unconditional will to win was just unbreakable. This is even more remarkable when you consider what Sean Combs went through at a very young age. His father was finally murdered when little Sean was just 5 years old. So his mother raised him alone in the New York borough of Harlem, which could not have been a walk in the park either, since Harlem was not necessarily a safe place for a child.

P Diddy merit
But Sean Combs has taken his fate into his own hands and has since built an entire empire around him, including a hugely successful fashion brand called Sean John. Even if his last album was a few years ago, the rapper was able to earn around 60 million US dollars with his various projects last year. Father Diddy’s estimated net worth is around 770 million euros.

So Diddy can be happy that he simply gave up his business studies for a job at Uptown Records. Because so the New Yorker finally had a foot in the door of the music world. At first he worked there as a production assistant and was able to acquire a lot of knowledge, which was to help him later when founding his own label called Bad Boy Records.

Since Diddy founded his label in 1993, he has worked as a producer with many illustrious artists and produced their albums. So also from The Notorious BIG, Lil ‘Kim, Junior Mafia and Craig Mack. It took another blow of fate, however, before P. Diddy entered the music business as an artist himself and became one of the American rappers who is now probably best known all over the world.

Success as an entrepreneur

  • Since 2007, Sean Combs has also been a partner in the vodka brand “Cîroc“. The promotional deal allegedly includes a 50% share of the profits for P. Diddy.
  • In 2013 Diddy founded the US music channel “Revolt
  • In 2014, the rapper bought the tequila brand together with the British beverage company Diageo.DeLeon tequila“. Both parties hold 50% of the shares in the premium brand.

A life full of ups and downs

Sean Comb's net worth
But in 1997, with the murder of Notorious BIG, who was now one of Puff Daddy’s close friends, another stroke of fate followed, which Puffy was only able to process thanks to the music. It was precisely this music that laid the foundation for Puffy’s own singing career and his first album, “No Way Out,” was honored with a Grammy. Especially the title “I’ll Be Missing You”, in which Sean Combs processed his grief over the death of his close friend, became a resounding hit, which is still remembered by many fans today.

So soon better times would break for Sean Combs. In 1998 he founded his label Sean John. In 2004 he finally made it to the top of the fashion world. Because this year P. Diddy received one of the highest awards for fashion designers in the USA. The Council of Fashion Designers of America presented Puffy with an award for all that he had achieved so far. At the same time, this also signals that Diddy was perceived as a true fashion designer and not just as a rapper who also ran a fashion label. But as a fashion designer, Puffy had previously come under fire because his collection was largely manufactured under horrific working conditions in Honduras. However, Diddy was soon able to silence this criticism by striving for better working conditions.

P. Diddy achievements

1999 was another year that will go down in history forever. Back then, Sean Combs had been part of a shootout with his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, in a New York club. Despite his illicit gun possession, Diddy was acquitted in the subsequent criminal trial. In the same year his second album, “Forever,” was released, on which the rapper had worked with R. Kelly, among others.

P. Diddy fortune
His supposedly last album, “Press Play,” was released in 2006 by Sean Combs, who had changed his stage name several times over the years. It was already clear in 2010 that “Press Play” wouldn’t have been Diddy’s last album, because the album “Last Train to Paris” was released.

Film appearances

In 2008 he was given a special honor. Because as the very first male rapper ever, Diddy received a star on the famous Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

Of course, the rapper and fashion designer didn’t leave it at that, but also worked in numerous very successful TV and film productions over the course of his career:

  • Made & Monster’s Ball (2001)
  • Carlito’s Way (2005)
  • A Raisin in the Sun (2008)
  • Men’s Trip (2010)
  • Muppets Most Wanted and Draft Day (2014)

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