The Best Time to Visit Disney World: A Travel Guide

You deserve a vacation! And where else would you go besides the happiest place on Earth? 

Visiting Disney World is a magical experience that many people dream of. From exploring Animal Kingdom to learning how to make movie magic at Hollywood Studios, you’ll find adventure at every corner. 

Are you ready to book your discovery now? 

First, you’ll need to know the best times to go to make the most of your trip. From weather to crowd levels to entertainment options, we’ll outline the best time to visit Disney World! 

Know Your Factors

Before reading any further, stop. Think about your dream vacation. Maybe brainstorm and even take a few notes. 

Ask yourself these questions if you’re stuck:

  • How many people do I want around me during my vacation?
  • What is my ideal weather for vacation?
  • What do I want to do during vacation? 
  • How active do I want to be?
  • How many things do I want to see during my trip? 
  • How much time am I willing to wait in line, drive, or sit in traffic?
  • What are the top three things I think of when I think about vacation?

Once you’ve decided on the most important factors to you, keep those in mind as you explore when to visit Disney. Though some factors can’t be predicted precisely, knowing what matters most to you will help you navigate the options. 

To Avoid the Crowds…

Visit Disney World when students are in school. It should be no surprise that Summer is the busiest season for Disney. When the kids are out of school, it’s fair game of how many people will be in the parks at once. 

There are some restrictions, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For visitors concerned about smaller crowds, though, this is great news. The park is still operating under limited capacity and requires masks indoors and social distancing to keep visitors safe. The limited capacity keeps attendance at a safe level while masks and social distancing may have others reconsidering the timing of their trip. 

The safest choice for limited people, though, is when school is in session. A traditional school year falls from August to mid-December and January to mid-May. This leaves June and July potentially the busiest months to visit in.

To Visit in Sync With the Weather…

Go to Disney World during the Spring and Fall.

Crossing Summer off your list to avoid crowds may be a good thing if you don’t like the heat. In Florida, you can expect higher heat and higher humidity rates in the Summer months. But that may mean you need to book a pass to one of Disney’s waterparks as well!

Keep in mind that Florida’s climate is humid subtropical. This means that from May through October, you should be prepared for rain every day. The rain intensity varies, and the showers may only last for up to 5 minutes. 

To get the most out of your Disney trip, don’t leave when it starts raining. Be sure to pack a rain jacket into your day bag and enjoy shorter lines at most rides! You may also want to have a pair of water shoes with you, like sturdy flip-flops, to avoid walking in wet socks. 

Because of its tropical climate, Florida never gets too cold. If you’re looking to visit during more mild times and with relatively lower humidity, consider going between October and March. 

To Enjoy the Events…

Plan out what you’re most excited to do!

Are you a foodie? Have you always wanted to try drinks from around the world? Do you love browsing gardens for hours? 

Chances are, there’s a Disney event for you!

Food and Drink Events

Though you can get international eats at EPCOT all year, Disney World also hosts events for avid eaters and drink connoisseurs during certain months. 

One of the most popular events is the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival. This festival allows you to try unique treats and drinks from all over the world. Entrance to the festival is included in the regular admission ticket, but you must pay for the food and drinks at each kiosk. 

This festival generally takes place in late-Summer and early-Fall. If this festival doesn’t fit into your timeline, be sure to make reservations at some of the incredible restaurants throughout the park. 

Entertainment Events

Want to know the key to creating the most magical place on Earth? Hosting arts festivals, marathons, Halloween parties, and more! 

Disney hosts several events throughout the year; here are a few of the most popular ones to keep an eye out for:

  • EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, January – February
  • Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, February
  • EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival, March – July
  • Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, October
  • EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays, November – December

Be sure to research the details of each event to weigh your scheduling options. Or, pick different ones to celebrate each year!

To Have a Fabulous Resort…

Look at options online for when to book. 

Though you can book a vacation through Disney’s website, another option is to use a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) rental. These rentals are easy to set up and get you a great price for your stay. The best place for DVC rentals will be flexible and offer ease of access for users. 

Look around for which Disney resort best suits your personality. From the relaxing Beach Club Villas to the breathtaking Grand Floridian, there is a Disney stay for every visitor!

When Is the Best Time to Visit Disney World?

Still stuck decided when is the best time to visit Disney World? 

The good news is that it’s never a bad time to visit Disney World! Whenever you visit, there are tons of entertainment, food, and ride options year-round. 

Check out our Vacations page to learn more about fun destinations around the world! 

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