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The fortune of Beatles singer Paul McCartney

How rich is Paul McCartney of the Beatles?

Sir Paul McCartney is indisputably one of the richest musicians in the world. In addition, he is one of the wealthiest people on earth. Hardly anyone has such a large fortune as he. With an estimated balance and others Total assets of 910 million euros the ex-Beatle even competes with Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates. McCartney was not only able to make hundreds of millions as a singer. Rather, he is also considered to be one of the most successful songwriters of all. Many of the Beatles hits come from his pen. Paul used to write new songs together with John Lennon, whose death hit all the Beatles hard.

The Beatle Sir Paul McCartney Fortune
Together with the Beatles, Paul released more than 60 albums that were later awarded gold. The sale of 100 million singles also made McCartney go down in pop history forever. John Lennon had known Paul McCartney since he was 15, so the mutual success story began very early on. Although the band only existed from 1960 to 1970, they should catapult James Paul McCartney into absolute pop Olympus. Paul also played a leading role as co-songwriter on the Beatles hit “Yesterday”, one of the most frequently covered songs of all time. In the USA alone, the song has been played over 7 million times on TV and radio to date.

The musician Paul McCartney

There is apparently nothing that Paul McCartney does not succeed in musically. After all, the musician has already taken home several Grammys in the past. Next to John Lennon he is probably the one most famous Beatle at all. In addition, Paul’s talent is so great that he has already enjoyed numerous successes as a solo artist. Most band musicians, however, were not granted this luck at the end of their band days. In the meantime Paul was part of the band Wings together with his wife Linda, who was the mother of some of his children and has unfortunately passed away in the meantime.

Since the 1980s, however, the singer has mainly started solo. Nowadays he is also known for being extraordinary charitable commitment known. In the meantime, Paul is musically rioting all along the line and, for example, also competes with classical music or music with techno influences. While he avoided the Beatles’ songs for a long time, the ex-Beatle now plays some of them again at his concerts. Of course, that makes the hearts of die-hard fans beat faster.

Success as a solo artist

Also in the future we can expect new musical experiments from Sir Paul. Because he likes to test the limits of what is possible. In September 2008 McCartney was finally able to give a concert in Israel. 45,000 spectators appeared, so that this performance became the largest pop concert in the country. Before that, the musician had not been allowed to perform in Israel for almost 45 years, what his Concert in Tel Aviv made it an absolute specialty. Incidentally, Paul McCartney was able to celebrate almost as many successes with his solo albums as he did with the Beatles. You have already secured top ten positions in the charts several times in the following countries:

• Twelve times in Germany
• 19 times in the United States of America
• 27 times in Paul’s home country, Great Britain

Paul McCartney is involved in charities

Sir Paul McCartney fortune
Meanwhile, the former Beatle has also become one Kind of political figure which is mainly due to his social commitment. Together with his current wife, one of the most famous artists of all time is campaigning for animal welfare. Paul has even been a vegetarian since the 1970s. When it comes to musical charity projects, McCartney doesn’t allow himself to be asked twice. The ex-Beatle has already played a role in the following charity events:

• 1979 – Concerts for the people of Kampuchea in London
• Band Aid
• Band Aid 20
• 1989 – Proceeds from the song “Ferry Cross the Mersey” were donated to victims of the Hillsborough disaster
• 2005 – Live 8 in Hyde Park, London
• 2009 – Performance at the charity concert Change Begins Within the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace (Radio City Music Hall, New York, USA)
• 2010 – Benefit concert for the London music club 100 Club (to save it from closing)
• 2012 – Benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Sandy

Awards for Sir Paul McCartney

Not only is there hardly a musician who is as rich as Paul McCartney. Rather, there is hardly a singer who is allowed to adorn himself with as many awards as the Briton. In fact, he’s the only person in the world who’ll ever die Rhodium record as an award from the Guinness Book of Records. However, the following honors and awards for the musician are at least as impressive.

• 1965 – Order Member of the Order of the British Empire
• 1980 – Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance
• 1992 – Polar Music Prize[38]
• 1997 – Appointed Knight by Queen Queen II as Knight Bachelor (henceforth Sir Paul McCartney)
• 2001 – World Award
• 2003 – Honorary Doctorate, University of Sussex
• 2008 – Honorary Doctorate, Yale University
• 2010 – Kennedy Center Award
• 2011 – 2011 Grammy Awards, Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance
• 2012 – Hollywood Walk of Fame star (as the last member of the band The Beatles)
• 2013 & 2014 – Grammy

Paul McCartney studio albums

Also take a look at that List of studio albums, which Paul McCartney published partly alone and partly together with the Beatles, reveals that this musician has really achieved great things. The following albums alone were all created after his time with the Beatles.

• McCartney
• Ram
• Wild life
• Red Rose Speedway
• Band on the run
• Venus and Mars
• Wings at the speed of sound
• London Town
• Back to the Egg
• McCartney II
• Tug of War
• Pipes of Peace
• Give My Regards to Broad Street
• Press to play
• Снова в СССР
• Flowers in the Dirt
• Off the ground
• Flaming Pie
• Run Devil Run
• Driving rain
• Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
• Memory Almost Full
• Kisses on the bottom
• New

An impressive musician and person. Paul McCartney has already made many hearts beat faster and can look back on a large fan base. Above all, his social and charitable commitment is highly credited to the Beatle. Many rich celebrities can learn something from this.

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