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Lady Gaga merit
Lady Gaga is one of the most famous US superstars who can fill huge concert halls around the world. Eccentric as ever, the pop icon shot past its competitor Katy Perry in 2015 and has one huge fortune of more than a quarter of a billion US dollars piled up. Last year alone, Gaga, whose nickname says it all, was able to look forward to more than 60 million US dollars in her account. This stately fortune The crazy New Yorker worked hard not only as a singer. For her 2017 tour with 59 concerts, Gaga is to receive a fee of around 100 million US dollars.

In the USA, Lady Gaga is currently drawing attention to herself with her appearance on the television series “American Horror Stories Hotel”. The icon is also campaigning for a good cause and is fighting against bullying in the USA with her foundation, which was set up especially for this purpose. Her little monsters, as the fans of Lady Gaga affectionately call themselves, support them wherever they can. Then Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, as Lady Gaga is actually called, has united hosts of fans behind her since her breakthrough in 2008 and inspires them to be themselves, whatever that may be. After all, the American superstar himself is the best example that you can make it to the top with absolute will. After all, Lady Gaga did not even finish her studies at the Tisch School of the Art at New York University and still conquered the pop Olympus for herself.

Lady Gaga’s rise to become a megastar

Already with her debut album The Fame Lady Gaga achieved her breakthrough in 2008. In the meantime, the New Yorker, who now lives in her former hometown and birthplace, has already had six Emmys to look forward to. The pop singer, who also writes many of her hit hits herself, has already sold over 150 million records. Lady Gaga has quickly become one of the most successful artists of all time. Nowadays there is hardly any other singer who is as well known as she. In the meantime, Lady Gaga is also making a name for herself as an actress. She has already shown this talent in many of her music videos as well as in various television series and Hollywood blockbusters.

Lady Gaga net worth
The daughter of Italian-American parents began studying music at New York University at the tender age of 17. If you are curious and want to find out more about Lady Gaga’s beginnings, you can watch videos from the exceptional artist’s student days on YouTube. Even then, Germanotta had a voice that just got under your skin. While Lady Gaga was able to work primarily on her talent as a songwriter, she left the renowned Tisch School of the Arts after only four semesters in order to be able to devote herself to her music career with full force, which initially did not inspire her parents. After all, the rise of the pop icon has not always been rosy. At times, today’s superstar worked as a go-go girl in order to finance her studies at the elite New York University. Lady Gaga also came into contact with drugs, which meant that her father did not want anything to do with her for a while. Perhaps it was also her lupus disease that put the singer back on the right track and which fortunately does not affect her too much at the moment, as the doctors have the symptoms associated with the autoimmune disease very well under control.

Musically gifted since childhood

Lady Gaga Income
Lady Gaga’s musical giftedness is easy to deny. Her parents recognized her daughter’s talent as a child. While she started playing the piano in her early years, it was only until her youth that the growing singer composed her first songs. The pop queen made her first appearances in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Lady Gaga received the record contract with Def Jam Recordings at the tender age of 19. However, this should not mean their great success. Because after just three months, the contract was terminated. Incidentally, Lady Gaga did not create her stage name herself. Rather, the producer Rob Fusari landed a real lucky hit by chance. In the studio, the music producer always played the to get in the mood Hit song “Radio Ga Ga.” When typing a text message to the singer However, the language correction of his cell phone made it “Lady Gaga.“From then on, the fictional character Lady Gaga was born. Before her international breakthrough, the artist, now known as Lady Gaga, performed with another singer named Lady Starlight at Lollapalooza, an important music festival in the United States.

But it was not until 2008 that the move to Los Angeles followed and the debut album was completed The Fame came, the hitherto lesser-known singer laid the foundation for her international success. The album, which was released in August 2008, made it straight to number 2 in the US charts and even made it to the top in six countries. Especially the chart hits Poker Face and Just dance it is that sealed Lady Gaga’s future. This groundbreaking commercial success was followed by the first tour in 2009. Her second EP, The Fame Monster, was even more successful, reaching number one in the charts in 18 countries. The second tour of the pop icon then included 200 concerts. Since then, Lady Gaga’s success has been unbroken and she keeps setting new records. Her album too Art pop from 2013 and Cheek to Cheek from 2014 underpinned Lady Gaga’s role as a global superstar. The last one so far Studio album Joanne 2016 was also a great success.

Successful films

The filmography of the singer and actress is equally impressive. Lady Gaga is a real exceptional talent who has mixed up the show business quite a bit.

  • The Sopranos TV Series – 2001
  • The Gospel of Mark for Little Children short film – 2009
  • Lady Gaga: Born for Fame Documentary – 2010
  • Lady Gaga concert film – 2011
  • Men in Black 3 movie – 2012
  • The Simpsons TV Series – 2012
  • Lady Gaga iTunes Festival Concert Film – 2013
  • Machete Kills Movie – 2013
  • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Film – 2014
  • Muppets Most Wanted Movie – 2014
  • Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga concert film – 2015
  • American Horror Story Hotel TV Series – 2015-2016
  • A Star is Born Film – 2018

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