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The fortune of Samy Deluxe

How much money does Samy Deluxe have?

Samy Deluxe has been up to mischief on the stages in Germany for over 20 years. Numerous albums and singles were able to reach high positions in the charts. He also opened his own restaurant in 2015. How much wealth has Samy built up over all these years? We can tell you. Samy Deluxe has an esteemed Assets of 5 million euros.

Musical roots

Samy Sorge was born in Hamburg to a German mother and a Sudanese father. When Samy was two years old, his father left Germany. The childhood without a father, the African origins and growing up in Hamburg play an important role in his texts to this day. As a teenager, Samy Deluxe started rapping in English, but soon switched to German. As a member of the No Nonsense group, he gained his first stage experience and made a name for himself with his freestyles. 1997 Samy Deluxe produces together with DJ Dynamite and Tropf al Dynamit Deluxe a demo tape. It is released via Eimsbush, the label of Eizi Eiz, now known as Jan Delay and one of three members of the Beginner.

The rapper’s breakthrough

Samy Deluxe Income

In 1999 the Absolute Beginner released the single “Füchse”, on which Samy Deluxe is featured. The song is very successful and Samy Deluxe is on everyone’s lips. In April 2000 the first Dynamite Deluxe album was released under the name “Deluxe Soundsystem”. The album is very successful commercially and entered the German charts at number 4. A gold record and appearances at the biggest festivals follow. However, DJ Dynamite leaves the group and Samy Deluxe continues solo. The 2001 published Solo album “Samy Deluxe” can even expand his success and climb to number 2 on the charts and get gold again. In 2003 Samy Deluxe teamed up with rapper Afrob and released the album “Who would have thought that?” As ASD, which entered the charts at number 5.

Samy Deluxe and his own label

In 2003, Samy Deluxe founded that Deluxe Records label and signed the Hamburg artists Headliners and Illo. In 2004, Samy released his second album entitled “Damnation!”. It again reached number 2 on the charts. In the following years he concentrated mainly on mixtapes and label samplers. He signs the rappers Ali As, Manuellsen, Snaga & Pillath, Tua and Blade and continues to expand his label. However, none of the rappers achieved the big breakthrough at the time, even if very progressive promotion campaigns were chosen for the conditions at the time. There was already the Internet show Deluxe Zoom in 2007, in which backstage videos or live performances by the artists were shown. The label finally had to close at the end of 2009.

Dynamite Deluxe Reunion and Reggae Album

In January 2008 the Dynamite Deluxe Reunion took place and the album “TNT” was released. It rose to number 5 in the German album charts. The album received some influences from dancehall and reggae, which were continued on the third solo album “Dis wo ich herkomm”. The album “released in 2011”Black-and-white”Was able to achieve first place for the first time and again achieved gold status.

Herr Sorge and the Male Trilogy

From 2012 Samy appeared as Herr Sorge and released a singer / songwriter album called “Conspiracy theories with beautiful melodies”. The album was heavily criticized and was a flop commercially. Then Samy returned to his rap career and released the male trilogy, which included an album and two mixtapes. In 2015 a second album was released together with Afrob called “Blockbasta”. The last Samy Deluxe album for the time being was released in 2016 and was called “Famous last words”.

The fortune of Samy Deluxe

At Samy Deluxe, the music was always in the foreground. For a long time nothing was known about ambitions as an entrepreneur. In 2009 he published a book and in 2015 he announced that he had opened a restaurant. The However, he generated most of his fortune through his music and associated appearances.

1 Income with music

Samy Deluxe fortune

Samy Deluxe has been publishing music on a regular basis since 2000. Many of his albums received gold awards. In total he released 9 solo albums, 2 albums as part of Dynamite Deluxe, 2 albums together with Afrob, numerous mixtapes and compilations. In addition, he brought countless singles onto the market, some of which were very successful. Especially “Wake me up”Is considered a classic and reached number 4 in the charts in 2001.

2 Live performance fees

Samy Deluxe is considered one of the best liverappers in Germany. The audience of “Sing my Song – The Exchange Concert” was already able to convince themselves of this. He was one of the first German rappers to go on tour with a live band and plays at the biggest festivals almost every year. But his tours are always well attended and wash quite a bit of money into his pockets.

3 Income as a restaurateur

In March 2015, Samy Deluxe opened its own restaurant called “Found eating BBQ DLX“Opened. You can find it in the Karoviertel in Hamburg. The menu mainly features meat on a skewer, and if you are really hungry, also on a spear. Wraps or vegetarian alternatives are also served. An additional mainstay that will keep your fortune growing.

4th Income as an author

Samy Deluxe released one for the album “Dis wo I come from” Book called “Dis where I come from: Germany Deluxe”. It was published by Rowohlt Verlag and dealt with his childhood, negative experiences in his youth, but also his successful career. In addition, he wrote about the problems of young people and his view of Germany. The book was mostly well received. It also gave him additional income.

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