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Sky du Mont: The Actor’s Fortune

How rich is sky du mont

Although Sky du Mont was born in Argentina, he is one of the acting greats in Germany. After all, he has already won many coveted prizes in this country. In 2001, the multi-million euro actor was able to secure a Bambi. He received this award for his role in the production “Der Schuh des Manitu.” In the same year he also received the German Comedy Award for this film. Sky was able to take home both awards in 2004 for his role in “(T) Raumschiff Surprise – Period 1”. The cherished Sky du Mont’s net worth is 5 million euros.

Divorced four times

Income from Sky du Mont
While things have been going very well for the German star professionally for a long time and he has amassed a large fortune, that can only be said of his private life to a limited extent. The Golden Rascal, the Reinhold Maier Medal and the Felix Burda Award simply cannot hide the fact that Sky du Mont is a husband divorced four times is. That cost him a lot of money, although he is not gnawing at the poverty line either. He used to have a house on Sylt and a villa in Hamburg, which fell victim to the divorces. He currently lives in an apartment in Hamburg without a second home. Nevertheless, the Hamburg-by-choice seems to be a hopeless romantic, as he has repeatedly given love a chance.

Since 1964, the charismatic actor, who is now not getting on in years, but can conquer even more women’s hearts with his gray head, often seen in several film productions per year. In addition to his acting career, he has also made a name for himself as a voice actor and with his children’s books and novels and has given his fans a lot of good entertainment. The father of three has certainly earned his fortune in all these ways.

The life of the Sky du Mont

Who knows the name du Mont, who knows that he Actor is a member of the DuMont publishing family. The family originally comes from Germany, but had to flee to South America to protect themselves from persecution by the National Socialists. Only die-hard fans probably know that Sky du Mont is not called Sky at all. His real name is Marco Claudio Cayetano Neven du Mont. Sky is just a nickname that the German star owes to his brother. The son of a German and a British woman, who died in 2018, only lived in Argentina for a short time.

First TV roles and the beginning of his career

Sky du Mont fortune
While Sky saw the light of day in Buenos Aires in 1947, the family moved back to Europe as early as 1952. Sky went to school in London. However, he did not graduate from school in the capital of Great Britain, but in Switzerland. Then he ended up with one Drama school in the Bavarian capital Munich. The first roles on TV and in the theater followed in 1971. At that time he laid the foundation for his current fortune.

Since then, Sky du Mont has not only been known to the German TV audience. The actor was also allowed to take part in the American cult hospital series – and that for 59 episodes. “Eyes Wide Shut“Is probably one of the most famous Hollywood productions in which the German has participated. While Sky du Mont has mainly slipped into the roles of doctors, distinguished scientists and landlords, thanks to the collaboration with Michael Bully Herbig, he was also able to achieve some impressive successes in the comedy field. This charismatic all-rounder, who loves his career, will probably not retire anytime soon.

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