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unsympathischTV (Sascha Hellinger): assets & earnings

How much money does unsympathischTV alias Sascha Hellinger have?

Sascha Hellinger comes from Stuttgart and earns his living as a YouTuber and video producer. Its two main channels can be found under the name unsympatheticTV and Sascha Hellinger on YouTube as well as on Twitch. There it reaches several million viewers every week. He owes his beginnings to an old school friend. After dropping out of his mechanical engineering studies, Hellinger is now one of the most successful YouTubers in Germany. At the same time, he cracked the German audience record on a special event weekend as part of a quartet with three colleagues. The cherished Sascha Hellinger, alias unsympathischTV, has assets of 1.5 million euros.

The beginning of the YouTube career

Merit of unsympathischTV
Sascha Hellinger’s private life is basically a well-kept secret. However, he keeps chatting in anecdotes about his past. For example, he told us several times about his time at high school in Vaihingen and the beginnings of a formative friendship. Here he got to know Nicolas Lazardis, who himself goes by the stage name inscope21 is active. They spent a large part of their school days together and are good friends to this day. They also regularly create joint content and mutually benefit from their reach. 2014 became Hellinger asked several times under a video by Lazardis to finally open his own channel. A short time later the time had come and Hellinger began his career as a YouTuber. This laid the foundation for his current fortune.

Sascha Hellinger grew up in the greater Stuttgart area with two sisters and one brother. His sister Stefanie Hellinger supported him early on and has already been seen several times in his videos. Today she works in the background and advises her brother on important decisions.

Make your fortune with YouTube earnings

The successful YouTubers with a large number of subscribers create a good source of income for themselves with their videos. This is how they earn money every month with advertisements. The monthly UnsympathischTV earns up to 25,000 euros on YouTube. In addition, of course, there is the income from Twitch, from lucrative advertising deals and from the sale of merchandise products. Although unsympathischTV is not yet in the spheres of the successful YouTuber Bibis Beauty Palace, his earnings are already decent. In the meantime, he has been able to build up a good fortune, which of course will continue to grow as the number of subscribers grows.

72-hour event breaks attendance record

Sascha Hellinger's income

In July 2020, unsympathischTV took part in a 72-hour livestream. In addition to the host and organizer Jens “Knossi” Knossalla, Sido and Manny Marc were also represented. Hellinger was part of the one set up on the third day Streaming records with over 300,000 viewers. Never before has a German streamer been able to reach more viewers on the Twitch video platform. The newly set record did not last long, however. In autumn 2020, the group organized an identical horror camp and released the single at the beginning No fear. This event was also a great success. The single went straight to number 73 in the German charts and even the audience record was increased to 330,000 parallel active viewers.

unsympathischTV on YouTube & Twitch

Fortune of Sascha Hellinger unsympathischTV

On September 11, 2014, he founded his two channels unsympatheticTV and Sascha Hellinger on Youtube. Included running unsympathischTV more successful and has more than 2.7 million subscribers. The channel Sascha Hellinger has more than 600,000 followers. Initially, the YouTuber started as a video creator with mostly humorous messages. He initially made the most popular videos together with his school friend Nicolas Zalardis from Stuttgart. Sarcasm and irony are particularly important in Hellinger’s videos. In addition to numerous colleagues, he also pokes at himself one time or another. He has also been on the Twitch streaming platform for a number of years and has more than 780,000 followers there. The highlights from his streams then appear on his YouTube channel. In addition to online games such as Call of Duty, Among Us and Mario Kart, he also regularly reacts to his colleagues’ videos.

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