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The fortune of scooter front man HP Baxxter

How Rich is HP Baxxter from Scooter Really?

HP Baxxter’s fortune is enormous. Especially with a scooter he was able to get one estimated fortune of 35 million euros piled up. The white-blonde technostar definitely has a preference for fast, expensive cars. He also owns valuable English classic cars. As the head of one of the most successful bands in Germany, Hans-Peter Geerdes, as HP Baxxter’s real name is called, has definitely earned this luxury. A total of 30 million albums by the band Scooter have already gone over the counter since they were founded in 1993.

Scooter frontman HP Baxxter
Thus, the singer clearly has the financial means to finance his passion for classic cars out of his own pocket. Even though scooters have been in business for a long time, fans still flock. In Hamburg alone there are sometimes 25,000 concert goers.

HP Baxxter’s villa in Hamburg

HP Baxxter’s villa is located on the green outskirts of Hamburg in the Duvenstedt district. the luxurious villa definitely tells a story of the wealth of its inhabitant. After all, there is one antique here next to the next. The installation in HP Baxxter’s house alone must have cost a small fortune. The same applies, of course, to the property itself.

The British furniture conveys an image that is otherwise not known from the scooter front man. Namely the charm of British nobility instead of the techno image. The magnificent mansion, in front of which the singer’s Bentley and Jaguar are often parked, has also attracted the attention of burglars. Even if this break-in attempt was a real shock for Hans-Peter Geerdes, luckily nothing was stolen. The thieves failed when they tried to disable the villa’s alarm system and floodlight system.

Co-owner of Kontor Records

Dance and house music has been marketed for decades under the successful “Kontor Records” label. HP itself owns a 16.6% stake in Kontor Records. Well-known top DJs and artists such as ATB, Lost Frequencies, Armin van Buuren, DJ Antoine, Mike Candys and Scooter are all under contract at Kontor. There are also many other acts. With this participation, you can continue to earn good money every year through profit distributions.

Rampensau versus Hans-Peter Geerdes privately

With his hydrogen-blonde short hard cut and the scooter front man sells the torn jeans, at least in public, a certain image. He is considered a real stage pig and knows exactly how to properly heat up his audience. HP Baxxter doesn’t seem to mind that his public image has nothing to do with that of a clean man. Because even if he is privately like the serious man of the world, he knows that his reputation also means a lot of freedom for him. The German techno star can afford a lot without his fans immediately chalking up every little misstep.

While HP Baxxter’s private life is rather quiet, his love life has made headlines over and over again in recent years. The Scooter singer has already been divorced twice and, since the end of his two marriages, has mainly lived out his love for young, pretty women who seem to all fall into the same prey scheme. For Hans-Peter Geerdes, women have to be young, blonde and pretty. Currently is the star of the German techno scene with Lysann Geller. The architecture student from Berlin and the singer are separated by an age difference of more than 25 years.

For HP Baxxter, however, such “scandals” about himself are not a problem. After all, the north German singer said of himself in an interview that he always didn’t care about his image. Perhaps his young lovers keep him young too. After all, Baxxter still has a tight workload, at least when someone goes on tour with a scooter. 180 bpm – that is the declared motto of the German techno icon. The fact that he doesn’t take himself and life too seriously is probably HP Baxxter’s secret recipe.

Curious facts

The fortune of HP Baxxter
While the Scooter frontman makes the headlines above all with his numerous young and beautiful love affairs, there are a few equally exciting facts about this singer that are less well known. The Nickname HP the singer received from his former chemistry teacher, for example. During his school days, Hans-Peter Geerdes also laid the foundation for his later music career. At the age of 14 he joined a school band for which he worked on the electric guitar. In the meantime, however, HP pursued a few more “serious” career ambitions, which however never came to be. For example, the resident of Hamburg did not complete his law studies because he was able to quickly celebrate great successes with Scooter.

The name of the band also goes back to a funny story. The track “Hyper, Hyper” somehow reminded the band members of carousels. After the guys from Scooter had thought about this mind game, the name of the band was born: Scooter based on bumper cars. The band’s success has definitely proven them right. Mama Geerdes also appreciates that. Even if she is now well over 70, she sometimes plays her son’s music to wake up. When her boy is playing near her home, the proud mom can sometimes even be found in the audience.

It is difficult to say to what extent HP is a true family man. After all, he has no children and also says of himself that he never a real desire for a family have had. This may also be due to the fact that in his previous relationships things never went so smoothly that one could have imagined having children together. Even the last of his love affairs do not suggest that the Scooter front man could become a father in this life. Instead, he goes shopping with his girlfriend Lysann, who works as a model alongside her studies, and celebrates New Year’s Eve every year on Sylt in his favorite bar, the Sansibar.

The life of HP Baxxter

The techno star, who knows about his weaknesses as a singer, graduated from high school in 1985 at Teletta-Groß-Gymnasium in his hometown of Leer. After a short excursion into the world of law in Hanover, Baxxter initially hired a music label. Before he really got started with Scooter, however, HP Baxxter first founded another band in which his sister was also involved. Celebrate the Nun was founded in 1987. However, the synth-pop band broke up in 1992, which paved the way for Scooter. From 1993 HP Baxxter should really take off as a front man with one of the most successful German bands of all time.

In addition to his time as a band, Hans-Peter Geerdes used his popularity with the German audience for various television appearances. At the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, for example, he was part of the jury of experts. In addition to the Hamburger by choice, this also consisted of Guildo Horn, Tobias Künzel, Sylvia Kollek and Jeanette Biedermann. In the late autumn of 2012, Baxxter also acted as a juror on “X Factor,” a major German casting show. There, too, the Scooter singer was in good company with pop greats like Moses Pelham and Sarah Connor. From his appearance on “Großstadtrevier” to his role as Jury member in the 13th season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” fans have been able to admire their idol on television again and again in recent years. HP Baxxter is also on the jury with Dieter Bohlen in the 14th season of DSDS.

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