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How rich is Lena Meyer-Landrut?

The song “Satellite” by Lena Meyer-Landrut hit like a bomb and made Lena an absolute star. After all, she was even able to use it in 2010 Win the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). The fact that this was only the second victory for Germany made the republic sit up and take notice all the more. As a 19-year-old who applied to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest as a student, Lena would hardly have dreamed of this success. Stefan Raab and the jurors who were involved in the casting for the German participant in the singing competition also received great praise. The TV audience was also completely enthusiastic. Lena Meyer-Landrut has an esteemed Assets of 5 million euros. With her husband and singer Mark Forster, she gave birth to their first child together in 2021.

Participation in the Eurovision Song Contest

Lena Meyer-Landrut's income
Just one day after Lena won the preliminary round (“Our Star for Oslo”), she was able to make waves with the final songs from the TV casting show. With the Song “Love Me” she secured the pole position on iTunes and Musicload. Stefan Raab composed this song especially for Lena and Lena wrote the lyrics for it herself. A sales record was just as certain at the beginning of her career. Not only in Germany, but also in Switzerland it was number 1 in the singles charts. In Austria, however, number 2 on the charts was waiting for Lena. Her debut album, which was released in May 2010, also made it to number 1 in Germany.

But Lena was anything but a one-hit wonder. Her spell was unbroken from the start. After all, 14.69 million TV viewers watched her at the ESC. This corresponded to a market share of almost 50 percent. So that meant that highest audience interest at the ESCwhich had existed since the introduction of private television. When they returned to their home city of Hanover after winning the ESC, they even celebrated 40,000 fans. There Lena was allowed to register in the city’s golden book.

Lena Meyer-Landrut – a star is born

With the ESC win, Lena Meyer-Landrut achieved the immediate star status in Germany as well as in large parts of Europe. In Germany, the young singer secured number 1 in the charts after the ESC, which she was also sure of in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Finland. Her album was even released in Australia. In the summer of 2010, Lena’s first promotion tour included many different cities on the European continent and stretched from England to Switzerland across a large number of countries.

Lena Meyer-Landrut's fortune
In the meantime, the singer was not only successful with her music, but also on German TV. The artist, who comes from Hanover, was a member of the jury for “The Voice Kids” as well as for “Sing mein Song”. These TV appearances should also have brought Lena a nice sum in addition to her extremely successful singing career. After all, current estimates assume that the Hanoverian will be the same Can take home 850,000 euros a year.

While Lena brought a total of four albums onto the market from 2010 to 2015, she has always been able to secure number 1 or 2 in the German charts. Her tours in recent years are also likely to have contributed to the young singer’s fortune. In 2019 the so far last album “Only Love, L” was released, which also reached number 2 in the charts.

Incidentally, even before her singing career, Lena earned one or two euros as a TV actress. For example, she appeared in formats such as “K11 – Kommissare im Einsatz” or “Richter Alexander Hold”. Since her breakthrough, she has worked from “Sesame Street” to “Schlag den Star” to “Bullyparade – The Film” completed a lot of guest appearances. With this, of course, she has further expanded her star status in this country. So we can be curious what Lena Meyer-Landrut will achieve in the future!

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