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The fortune of the ex-soccer official Reiner Calmund

How much money does Reiner “Calli” Calmund have?

Reiner Calmund has achieved what most stars from the world of football are probably not granted. Because the former German football official can look forward to a very successful second career as a book author, presenter, advertising and TV personality. Calli seems to be in demand like seldom before. So Reiner Calmund has a valued one today Assets of 12 million euros. His life could have been very different. After all, Reinhold Calmund, as Reiner Calmund’s real name is called, is a trained foreign trade merchant as well as a studied business administration. Calli could have had a boring office career too. But already during his school days he was active in sports and played himself for SpVg Frechen 20 until a sports accident made a further active career impossible. However, this did not prevent Reiner from remaining active in the sporting scene and from now on becoming involved as a youth coach.

Calli’s career in football

Income from Reiner Calli Calmund
His great sports career began at Bayer 04 Leverkusen. From 1976 Reiner Calmund was youth leader and stadium announcer there. A good ten years later, namely in 1988, he was already a member of the board. In 1999 he even became Managing Director of Bayer 04 Leverkusen Fußball GmbH and thus rode the wave of success. With Bayer Leverkusen he was able to take home the UEFA Cup in 1988 and the DFB Cup in 1993. Four runner-up championships and the final of the Champions League in the 2001/2002 season were also granted to him and his team.

However, his career at the club came to a somewhat glamorous end in 2004. First it was said that Calmund had to resign as managing director for health reasons. However, around two years later it became known that the club had fired him. The reason for this was an unexplained cash payment in the amount of 580,000 euros. It even came to one Infidelity proceedings against Reiner Calmund, which was hired after Calli paid 30,000 euros. Given this sum, his million dollar fortune is unlikely to have suffered any damage.

Reiner Calmund breaks new ground

Reiner Calmund's fortune

However, Reiner Calmund did not completely disappear from the world of football after leaving Leverkusen. Because from 2005 he was a member of the supervisory board of Fortuna Düsseldorf. In 2006 he also appeared as an honorary ambassador at the soccer World Cup in Germany. From Austria Kärnten to Dynamo Dresden to Hamburger SV, Reiner Calmund then worked in various positions, sometimes paid and sometimes free of charge, for a number of football clubs. Calmund also gives his expert knowledge to the Bundesliga coverage from Sky Week after week for the best.

But the twice divorced, meanwhile newly married Calmund also has the leap into the World of TV entertainment and made a name for yourself there. For example, from 2004 to 2005 he hosted the TV format “Big Boss” on RTL. In 2009 he even got his own show called “Iron Calli” at VOX. With the moderation of “Calli’s little football fairy tale” on ZDF, the ex-football official also impressively demonstrated that he is of interest to a wide variety of TV channels. By participating as a member of the jury for “Die Kocharena” and “Grill den Henssler”, Calli was not only able to earn one or two euros, but also to expand his public profile. Since 2007 there has even been a virtual character that Reinhold Calmund was modeled on in “Second Life”. So we can be curious to see where Calli can be seen in the future.

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