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The fortune of TV chef Frank Rosin

How rich is Frank Rosin?

Someone named Frank Rosin just has to do something with cooking. But he doesn’t just do something with cooking, he is now one of the most popular and best-paid TV chefs in all of Germany. After all, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs are good at arithmetic and have often pointed out on TV that a currywurst at a price of 3 euros shows that the quality of the ingredients is inferior and / or that the bottom line is not much of the food for the responsible restaurateur that money is left over. Frank Rosin earns around one million euros a year through his TV shows and appearances alone and has an estimated fortune of 7 million euros.

Rosin's income from his restaurant
Of course, such mistakes do not happen to the star chef. In the end Rosin has its own TV show with “Rosins Restaurants”, in which he helps other restaurateurs in the role of coach to get their business up and running again and to save the affected restaurants from being destroyed. The TV star not only learned his trade from the ground up, but also apparently inherited many of his talents as a chef in the cradle. After all, Rosin’s father was already working as a wholesaler for catering supplies, while the mother ran her own food stand.

From simple cook to star

Born in 1966, the restaurateur completed an apprenticeship as a chef from 1982 to 1985. He completed this at the Hotel Monopol in Gelsenkirchen and at the Kaiserau restaurant in the same city. Harald Schroer was his most important teacher. After completing his apprenticeship, Frank Rosin went on a hike and worked as a journeyman at various bars. During this time he himself moved to Spain and California. The role of the deputy He was allowed to head chef for the first time on the Sea Cloud, a luxury cruise shipto exercise.

Frank Rosin's fortune
As early as 1990, the clever head made his own “Rosin” restaurant self-employed in Dorsten (North Rhine-Westphalia). He and his team still serve their guests there today with gourmet cuisine that reveals strong regional influences. In this project, Oliver Engelke plays an important role as the second head chef. Rosin’s creative approach has made him so successful. In 2009 his restaurant was named “Restaurant of the Year”. The passionate chef will certainly have been delighted with this award from “Der Feinschmecker”. Besides, it holds two Michelin stars. The three children should also be proud of their own and their dad. His wife Claudia married Frank Rosin in 2006 in Johann Lafer’s restaurant. In July 2019, however, the couple announced the love affair.

Frank Rosin’s earnings as a TV chef

Rosin’s big hour has struck since 2008. Since then, the chef and restaurateur has been seen regularly as a TV personality on TVs all over Germany. The reality TV cooking show “Fast Food Duell” enabled him to enter show business. His own TV format called “Rosins restaurants – a star chef cleans up!“From“ The Taste ”to“ Topfgeldjäger ”(moderated by Alexander Herrmann and Steffen Henssler) to“ Hell’s Kitchen ”and“ Bought, cooked, won ”. Hell’s Kicthen was the German show on Sat 1, the eponymous show was a great success in America with Gordon Ramsay. The star has meanwhile participated in every imaginable cooking show in this country.

Income from cookbooks

As early as 2004, Frank published with “Schmackofatz! Simply cook well ”is his first cookbook. It was quickly recognized that this is also a lucrative business and so many more cookbooks have followed in recent years:

  • Schmackofatz! Just cook well. – 2004
  • The cookbook. Creative recipes with simple ingredients. 2010
  • New German Cuisine – 2013
  • Raisin’s recipes: Eat like me at home – 2014
  • Modern German Cookbook – 2015
  • Rosins Restaurants: This is how it gets perfect – 2016
  • Barbecue with Frank Rosin – 2016
  • Healthy and fit with Frank Rosin – 2019

The Taste

The Taste was first broadcast on Sat 1 in 2013. Frank Rosin was there from the start. In the successful Koch Casting Show, the TV chefs coach their team and try to become a winner with just a spoonful of taste and delicacy. The two constants in seasons one to five were the coaches Alexander Herrmann and Frank Rosin. Lea Linster was there in the first two seasons, who was subsequently replaced by Cornelia Poletto. Tim Mälzer was employed as a coach in the first three seasons, after which Roland Trettl and later Tim Raue took over. Prominent guest jurors and top chefs also pay visits to the individual episodes. We are already looking forward to the new season of The Taste among others with Frank Rosin! Frank earns up to 20,000 euros on a single day of shooting.

Smart investments

On Mallorca (Cala Ratjada) Frank Rosin invested in an apartment building for holiday rental. A total of 8 self-catering apartments with pool and sun terrace are to be completed in summer 2020. The real estate should also continue to play money in the TV chef’s coffers.

Together with ex Schalke soccer player Max Meyer (40% shares), the TV chef founded the “Green Rosin” brand in 2018 (40% shares) and both sell vegetarian and vegan products.

Rosin also does TV commercials for the stain remover “Vanish” and collects additional money for it.

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Frank Rosin: Udo Grimberg derivative work: Alupus [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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