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The Island of the Famous 2022: Bets, Competitors, Castaways and Opinionists

The Island of the Famous 2021 is a reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi, which starts March 15 on Canale 5. The program brings 16 competitors to live on an island in Honduras, far from comfort, technology and loved ones. The castaways have to deal with hunger, loneliness and group dynamics that inevitably always bring alliances and tensions.

The envoy special of L’Isola dei Famosi will be theformer swimmer and Olympic champion Massimiliano Rosolino. Among the returning guests: Stefania Gucci, Roger Garth, Jeda (partner of Vera Gemma), Miriam Galanti (partner of Gilles Rocca).

Who are the Castaways of the Island of the Famous?

The castaways of the Island of the famous are 16 competitors, many of whom have never participated in a reality show. The names are not yet official but these are the alleged competitors of the cast who are shooting in the trade magazines:

  • Manuela Ferrara
  • Emanuela Tittocchia
  • Ludovico Vacchelli
  • Matteo Diamante
  • Rosaria Cannavò
  • Awed (Simone Pacielli)
  • Gilles Rocca
  • Roberto Ciufoli
  • Drusilla Gucci
  • Paul Gascoigne
  • Brando Giorgi
  • Elisa Isoardi
  • Vera Gemma
  • Brando Giorgi
  • Francesca Lodo
  • Daniela Martani
  • Angela Melillo
  • The Viscount Guglielmotti
  • Beppe Braida
  • Myriea Stable
  • Ubaldo Lanza
  • Fariba Therani
  • Andrea Cerioli
  • Isolde Kostner
  • Rosaria Cannavò

THE castaways are divided into two groups: i Burinos and the Rafinados. The two groups live on two different beaches on the island Playa Movida and they are separated only by a reed bed. The two factions will clash with each other.

They are part of the Burinos: Paul Gascoigne, Gilles Rocca, Awed, Vera Gemma, Francesca Lodo, ​​Daniela Martani.

They are part of the Rafinados: The Viscount Ferdinando Guglielmotti, Drusilla Gucci, Akash Kumar, Elisa Isoardi, Roberto Ciufoli and Angela Melillo.

Parasite Island, on the other hand, is a private beach where Fariba Therani and Ulberto Lanza live.

Special Correspondent

Massimiliano Rosolino will be the special correspondent who will support the presenter Ilary Blasi during the live shows.

The name of Massimiliano Rosolino name came out recently, the swimmer after undergoing the usual medical examinations, was made official as a special correspondent.



Awed, born Simone Pacielli, is a well-known youtuber known above all by the youngest. He was also the host of the GF Vip Party on Mediaset Play, the program of comments and opinions on Big Brother Vip.

Gilles Rocca

gilles rocca photo

Gilles after the success in Dancing with the stars 2020 could return as a castaway on TV.

Drusilla Gucci

Drusilla Gucci is the granddaughter of the founder of the Maison Gucci. It is the first time for her in a reality show of this kind!

Brando Giorgi

The actor Brando Giorgi (former historian of Mietta) will land on the Island of the Famous 2021, looking for that notoriety that has recently been lacking.

Elisa Isoardi

Elisa Isoardi participated in Dancing with the stars 2021 paired with Raimondo Todaro, hurting her foot. She is an official competitor of the program.

Vera Gemma

Vera Gemma, daughter of the actor, was appreciated for her participation in Beijing Express 2020 paired first with Asia Argento and then with Gennaro Lillio. It was a welcome surprise of the reality show and comes to the island as an official contestant.

Carolina Stramare

Carolina Stramare, former miss italia 2019, was supposed to participate in a reality show for the first time. He withdraws from the program even before it starts due to family problems. Carolina withdrew before the program began for personal reasons.

Akash Kumar

Akash Kumar participated in a last edition of Dancing with the Stars: the beautiful model also told of suffering from panic attacks. Could L’Isola dei Famosi be the right place to test yourself? Surely!

Francesca Lodo

Francesca Lodo, ​​39, is currently a well-known influencer who has become famous as a letter. It is his first reality show.

Roberto Ciufoli

Roberto Ciufoli is a well-known actor of 60 years, famous for having been part of the well-known comic quartet The Award-winning Firm. The Island of the Famous is his first reality show.

Daniela Martani

Daniela Martani, known above all for her eccentricities and for her social media controversies and is not known for having participated in a Big Brother. Its presence in the program has been the subject of controversy for some no-vax statements.

Beppe Braida

Beppe Braida is a well-known comido from Zelig. The Island of the Famous is his first reality show where he hopes to bring a breath of fresh air to all competitors.

Angela Melillo

Angela Melillo is a film and TV actress, who in recent years has mainly devoted herself to the theater. His name is a bit out of the box for such a program, will he really be a competitor of the Isola dei Famosi?

Valentina Persia

Valentina Persia is a comedian and stand-up comedian, who suffered the serious loss of her partner in 2004. Could The Island of the Famous be a challenge?

Ferdinando Guglielmotti (Viscount)

The most mysterious name of the cast of L’Isola: hardened single and viscount, Giornalettismo has revealed the identity of this castaway who should be that of Ferdinando Guglielmotti.

Paul Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne, known as Gazza, is a well-known former footballer and coach of English origin. He was in the news for his past alcohol addiction.

Miryea Stable

Miryea Stabile is an influencer and graphic designer originally from Brescia aged 22, after having participated in an episode of Ciao Darwin she was one of the Pupe de La Pupa, Il Secchione and Viceversa 2021 where she won the program. His name appeared among the confirmed a few hours into the program.

Fariba Tehrani

Fariba Tehrani is the mother of Giulia Salemi: after Beijing Express (where she demonstrated tenacity and physical strength even higher than that of her daughter) she returns to a reality show as a potential competitor currently she and Ubaldo are on Parasite Island trying to learn the basics of survival with Marco Maddaloni winner of the Island The Famous 20219.

Ubaldo Lanzo

Ubaldo Lanzo is a chromatologist and stylist, it is the first time in a reality show and begins his adventure on the Isola dei Famosi on Parasite Island with Fariba Tehrani to try to learn the basics of survival with Marco Maddaloni winner of Isola Dei Famosi 20219.

Andrea Cerioli

Andrea Cerioli enters the third episode and ends up in the Burinos team: Andrea, former tronista, model and entrepreneur, is a much loved character by the Canale 5 audience due to the esteem earned during previous television experiences.

Rosaria Cannavò

Rosaria Cannavò showgirl, former dancer and influencer, has already participated in a reality show in 2007, the not too lucky One, two, three stall. We will see how the beautiful Rosaria will fare between tests of resistance and coexistence that the shipwrecked have already joined together.

Ludovico Vacchelli

Young actor and model, we will see Ludovico at his first television participation, confronting the challenges of nature and confronting the other castaways.

Emanuela Titocchia

Emanuela Tittocchia is an Italian actress, showgirl and presenter. He has played roles in well-known fiction, such as A Place in the Sun And One hundred windows. It is also famous for its relationship with Biagio D’Anelli, a former competitor of Big Brother.

Manuela Ferrara

Manuela Ferara is a former TG4 meteorina, model and showgirl who also participated in a calendar for the magazine “For Men”. The girl was one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s alleged flirts.

Matteo Diamanti

Matteo Diamanti enters in the place of Ludovico Vacchelli, having the boy refused at the last minute. He is a former pupo of La pupa e il Nerio 2021.

When it starts?

The island of the famous starts on March 15, 2021 on Canale 5. It will air from the Robinie Mediaset studios in Cologno Monzese. The program could have two weekly appointments as it happened at Big Brother VIP 2020 – 2021.


The opinion leaders of the Isola dei Famosi are:

Elettra Lamborghini has always been a passion for Ilary Blasi who wanted her as his right arm along with another emerging young woman Tommaso Zorzi. Iva Zanicchi would play the role of the talking cricket with wisdom and experience on her side.

Elettra Lamborghini on 11 March announces that he has contracted the covid: although he is well he will not be able to participate in the first episodes of the Isola dei Famosi program.

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