The Most Fashionable Sneakers For the Bro on the Go

Sneakers have become a staple of men’s fashion in recent years and revenue could grow to over $100 billion by 2025. Of course, fashionable sneakers aren’t always easy to choose or pair with outfits.

Do you want to buy sneakers that will elevate your style but find yourself overwhelmed with choices? Sneaker trends are everchanging and it’s often difficult to keep up.

The following guide will explore the best sneakers for men on the market. Read on to discover which pairs are worthy of joining your wardrobe.

Nike Air Jordan 1s

Air Jordan 1s first debuted in 1984 and has remained one of the most sought-after products for sneakerheads. You’ll find a huge variety of creative and outlandish styles to choose from, but sometimes that can make them hard to pair with outfits.

Consider selecting a neutral color pair of Air Jordan 1s so that you can easily match them with what you’re wearing. There are plenty of options that come in black, grey, and white so that they won’t distract or clash with the rest of your ensemble.

However, you might find a pair of brightly colored or uniquely designed Jordans that you can’t resist purchasing. In this case, do the reverse and try to keep your pants and shirt neutral colors. Wear an accessory that matches your new kicks to tie everything together.

Make sure to get the right size so that the toe box doesn’t crease up excessively. You can click for more reasons Jordans are still worth the hype after all these years.

Addidas Sneakers

Addidas is an awesome classic sneaker option with a great selection to choose from. They’ve even stepped up their fashion game lately with Prada and Wales Bonner collaborations.

Gazelles and Sambas both work well as athletic sneakers or as stylish options with jeans for a night out. Adidas Stan Smith shoes also work well for casual outfits but can even work with suits for more formal events. 

When wearing an Adidas sneaker with jeans, make sure they aren’t too long, the calf isn’t too tight, and the hips aren’t too narrow. Stay away from bootcut jeans and opt for straight-leg and slim-cut options. 

The slim-cut style also works well when pairing suits with Adidas sneakers. Consider Adidas Originals Rod Laver vintage shoes for your next formal event and make a statement.

Oliver Cabell Sneakers

Oliver Cabell Low 1 Frost sneakers easily pair with just about any outfit because of their minimalistic approach. They’re premium quality sneakers that come in all-white and blend tastefully without being a distraction.

Consider this option if you don’t want it to be too obvious that you’re wearing a sneaker, or if you want another aspect of your outfit to shine. It’s also important to note that the shoes get handcrafted using ethical materials.

Puma Sneakers

Puma sneakers are a great stylish option especially if you’re on a budget. However, their lower prices don’t mean that they aren’t as fashionable as other sneakers previously mentioned. 

For example, the Puma C-Rey is a comfortable sneaker that wears well all day and most styles cost under $50. They come in several stylish hues so you can wear them while running errands, out to a nice dinner, or both.

Puma Palermo sneakers come in more vibrant colors and look great with shorts or even a matched linen suit. They’re about twice the price of C-Reys, but the enhanced quality definitely shows.

Dior High-Tops

If budget isn’t an issue, you might consider springing for some Dior B27 High-Tops. These bad boys will cost you over $1,000 new, but they’re sure to enhance any look for any occasion.

B27s come in white and grey calfskin with Dior’s signature branding. It’s a very classy-looking sneaker and also a pretty big flex so choose the occasion wisely!

Adidas Ultraboost 22

The Adidas Ultraboost 22 is the perfect sneaker for a bro on the go. It’s an extremely comfortable running shoe but also translates into a casual shoe to wear out and about.

Made from quality recycled materials, the Ultraboost sneakers come in several styles and colors. The breathable mesh on the top of the shoe makes it a great option for all-day wear.

Converse Chuck Taylor

You can’t talk about fashionable sneakers without mentioning Converse. The classic sneakers are very versatile and a great tool to have in your wardrobe.

It’s a gender-neutral shoe that primarily serves as a leisure sneaker, but many Converse fans find creative ways to wear them. Pair them with shorts, jeans, or even dress pants if you’re feeling bold.

Remember to wear low “invisible” socks with the low-top Converse styles. Always tie the shoelaces of Converse high-tops all the way to the top of the show. Also, nothing looks better than a pristine white pair of Chucks, so keep them clean!

Lanvin Sneakers

Lanvin makes suede and leather sneaker that really stands out from the pack. They cost around $400 a pair, so somewhat in the middle of the other sneakers already mentioned.

You’ll want to reserve these sneakers for business casual occasions and black-tie affairs. Matching a pair of Lanvin sneakers with a suit creates an unforgettable modern look.

Axel Arigato Clean 90

Axel Arigato Clean 90 sneakers produce a minimalistic look similar to the Oliver Cabell sneakers previously mentioned. However, the mix of Japanese and Scandinavian influences makes this sneaker even more stylish.

You can dress these sneakers up for formal events, pair them with activewear, or wear them casually with jeans. They come in neutral-colored suede so their versatility is off the charts.

The heel of these sneakers sits a bit higher and they offer excellent arch support. So, rest assured that they’ll be a comfortable fit even if you wear them all day.

Choosing Fashionable Sneakers

Now you have options for fashionable sneakers that fit every budget and every occasion. Remember the sneakers in this guide and the pairing tips to properly pull off a contemporary and stylish look with confidence.

Check out our site’s fashion section for more valuable tips and tricks to take your style to the next level.

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