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How rich is Mel Gibson?

Mel Gibson comes from a large family and was born the sixth of a total of ten siblings. It is therefore not surprising that he himself has eight children, including six sons and two daughters, with two different partners. Gibson belongs to the absolute A-League of Hollywood, but he did not celebrate his breakthrough as an actor in his home country, the USA, but in Australia. With the role as a police officer in the actually cheaply produced film “Mad Max” in 1979 a real box office success was achieved. This film was also a success for Mel Gibson, he founded his career as an actor and became internationally famous. More than 3 decades later it has Mel Gibson a proud fortune of around 380 million euros accumulated.

Mel Gibson’s rise as an actor

Mel Gibson's Income
Mel Gibson owes his current career at least in part to one of his sisters, who recognized his talent at an early stage and campaigned for little Mel to join the National Institute of Dramatic Art in the beautiful city of Sydney, where his family moved in 1968 , applied. There Mel quickly had the chance to take part in a few plays and thus gain first stage experience. While he was able to celebrate minor successes in Australia until 1982 and was already there on the big screen, it was not until 1984 that Mel Gibson also made his breakthrough in Hollywood.

Film successes in Lethal Weapon & Co.

“The Bounty” was the first major Hollywood production that Mel Gibson turned off before his ultimate rise to superstar. The role that finally allowed the American with Scottish roots to climb the career ladder to the very top, however, was that of the police officer Martin Riggs, whom he impersonated in 1987 in “Lethal Weapon”. Since then, the actor has been able to add numerous action roles to his portfolio. An excerpt from Mel Gibson’s acting career: “The Patriot”, “Braveheart”, “Maverick – The Colt on your belt, an ace up your sleeve”, “Signs”, “Bounty – One will pay”, “Payback – Payday” and many more. As the number of film roles increased, so did salaries, Mel Gibson was able to collect fees of up to 18 million euros per film.

In fact, Gibson quickly became the highest paid actor in the genre for action-oriented Hollywood productions. Especially until 2003, the actor enjoyed the limelight to the fullest, only to then treat himself to a 7-year hiatus that was definitely well deserved. In 2010, the actor got back into the business well rested and several films followed: “Order Vengeance”, “The Beaver”, “Get the Gringo”, “Machete Kills”, “The Expendables 3, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Jason Statham and Co ”and in 2016“ Blood Father ”.

Mel Gibson: As a film producer and entrepreneur for millions

The Mel Gibson Fortune
In some cases, Mel Gibson has also dedicated himself to elaborate film projects as a director for many years. Although “The Passion of the Christ” was only shown in cinemas in 2004, Mel Gibson had been preparing this monumental film since 1992 and put a lot of heart and soul into this film. Gibson was promptly rewarded for this work, because the “Passion of the Christ”, as the title is called in the English original, was one of the ten most commercially successful films to date and Mel Gibson brought in proud sums of money. The box office for the Passion of the Christ was $ 600 million. “Braveheart”, one of Gibson’s other monumental cinema successes, was also produced by one of his companies, Icons Productions, so Gibson earns twice from this type of film. The rights to a good 200 cinema productions also ensured that the American was able to cope financially well with the divorce from his wife Robyn, who is considered one of the most expensive divorces in celebrity history.

Alcohol and other scandals

In Great Britain and Australia, Icons is not only responsible for the theatrical distribution of various productions, but also for their DVD releases. However, it has to be said that the career of such a Hollywood A-Lister naturally cannot do without one or two scandals. Especially during his time as an alcoholic, the actor made negative headlines because of his homophobic remarks. He was arrested at 1.2 per mille in 2006 and received three years probation. In connection with “The Passion of the Christ” there was also heated debate about Gibson’s religious views. His anti-Semitic remarks have apparently damaged the actor’s image, as Mel Gibson has not been able to build on his previous successes after his career break.

Hollywood’s most expensive divorce

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva custody battle
In 2004, the business magazine “Forbes” named Mel Gibson its most influential celebrity. His fortune, estimated at the time, was 650 million euros, with his divorce from his wife Robin, he had to give up half of it. The Gibson couple had spent almost 30 years together, and the marriage also had seven children. In 2009, Robin Gibson filed for divorce from Mel because of irreconcilable differences, the actor left his wife for the Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva. That year the pianist gave birth to Mel’s eighth child, a girl. The two separated again in 2010.

Since there was no marriage contract, Robin took half of Mel Gibson’s assets, at that time it was a proud 650 million euros. Robin was awarded half of it; the Gibson couple’s divorce was Hollywood’s most expensive breakup. The pianist Oskana Grigorieva also wants Mel Gibsons to do the laundry, at least financially, and demands more support for their child. It currently remains to be seen whether the actor really has to live up to these demands. After all, the required € 88,000 per month is not a modest sum. But with a fortune that is estimated at 375 million euros, the actor, who now and again slips into the role of film and TV producer, could definitely afford this.

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