The Net Worth of Josiah Ward

The net worth of Josiah Ward is quite impressive, considering that he served 15 years in prison for a homicide murder when he was just 19 years old. The teenager, however, has managed to recoup a large chunk of his fortune, making him a young millionaire. Josiah Ward first became famous for killing his girlfriend, Sheila Williams, in a car accident. While he was a toddler, he had already called 911 to report her dead. His crime was so severe that he was sentenced to die.

The homicide of Sheila Williams in Michigan, in which Ward was only 19 years old, has impacted his net worth a great deal. Although he was convicted of manslaughter, the death of his sweetheart has been a source of much fascination for fans. During his time in jail, Ward has remained silent about his background. While his family and friends are aware of his crimes, there are few details about his life outside of these infamous events.

Josiah Ward’s career in the entertainment industry has had ups and downs. He served 15 years in prison for a murder he committed in 1996. But his net worth continues to rise after his release from prison. He has also been the subject of other crimes besides murder. His net worth is estimated at around $50 million. But despite all this, he remains a prominent person in the entertainment world.

Despite being incarcerated for 15 years, Ward has recently been released from jail. His conviction resulted from the murder of Sheila Williams, a hairdresser. His former bride recently chose to follow the Lord’s path and joined a church choir. This has increased her net worth tremendously. And Josiah Ward’s net worth is rising, thanks to his exemplary reputation.