The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Church Sanctuary Chairs

Church sanctuary chairs offer congregation members the opportunity to worship in comfort and make spaces more accommodating. Whether you choose stackable, wooden, cushioned or folding chairs, each option comes with its own set of pros and cons.

What are they?

We’re going to walk you through the multiple seating options for churches, including the ever-popular stackable chairs, so that you can choose the right solution for your members.


Pews are a durable, less comfortable seating option. The idea of pews came from the wealthy church members of the past who would rent pews out to be closer to the pastor and have a “front row” experience.

Many older churches still have spectacular pews that have lasted lifetimes.


  • Wooden pews are one of the longest-lasting seating options available
  • Aesthetically, pews offer one of the most recognizable and beautiful seating options
  • Families and congregation members can easily sit together


  • Pews offer very inflexible seating options
  • Difficult and costly to repair

We’re seeing more churches choose stackable or folding chairs over pews because they’re a more practical option in 2023.

Stackable Chairs 

Some of the most in-demand seating options are stackable church sanctuary chairs. You can find these chairs in modern churches because they offer a lot of pros that pews and other types of seating cannot offer.

The pros and cons are:


  • Stackable chairs allow you to add or remove seating from space quickly
  • Single chairs are far more affordable than purchasing an entire pew
  • Stacking allows you to maximize the function of a space


  • Often made from less durable materials

Stackable chairs need to be lightweight to make them easier to stack. Oftentimes, these chairs are made from plastic materials because of their low weight. However, you’ll see some models with metal frames and reinforcement, which allows for seating that can last for decades and be stacked with relative ease.

Folding Chairs 

Folding chairs are often used for temporary seating in a church. If you need to add additional chairs for an event or a wedding ceremony, these chairs are perfect. The pros and cons, include:


  • Lightweight and easy to rearrange
  • Fold to make them easy to store
  • Extremely inexpensive and great for tighter budgets


  • Uncomfortable when sitting for long periods of time
  • Least aesthetically pleasing church chair options

Metal folding chairs will work fine when the person isn’t required to sit for long periods of time. After a while, the chair will become increasingly uncomfortable. A nice alternative to metal chairs is cushioned chairs that help alleviate pressure and make sitting for long periods of time comfortable.

Cushioned Chairs 

Stackable cushioned chairs are one of the leading trends in church chairs. 


Anyone who has had to sit through a long sermon knows that pews or folding chairs become extremely uncomfortable. You’ll find yourself repositioning often to relieve pressure on your backside and alleviate any pressure on your “boney” areas.

With that said, the pros and cons of a cushioned chair, include:


  • Cushioning makes it much easier to sit through longer sermons
  • Stacking chairs offer many of the same benefits as folding chairs, but they’re more durable
  • Cushioned chairs often have arms, making it easier for members to get up and sit down
  • Many stackable chairs can link together to create a pew-like seating option


  • Can only stack the chairs so high

Cushioning is in high demand and it’s something churches ought to think about when replacing their current seating. You can also find comfortable wooden chairs, and they have their perks and disadvantages, too.

Wooden Chairs 

Wooden chairs are the final option on our list, and they’re often one of the best. These chairs can be cushioned, but the frame is made out of durable wood. A few pros and cons to consider are:


  • Wood is one of the most durable materials
  • Wood requires very little maintenance and can accommodate members of all sizes
  • Wood is aesthetically pleasing


  • Scratches and damage can become highly visible
  • Without a cushion, these chairs will become uncomfortable

Wooden chairs are a good investment and will last a long time with the right care and maintenance. However, church members will prefer a cushioned chair over a 100% wooden one.

In conclusion

In conclusion


Stackable cushioned chairs remain one of the most popular options for sanctuaries in 2023 because they’re practical. You can stack these chairs, many link together to create a pew-like seating option and they store away to empower you to make your space multi-functional.

Using the pros and cons above, choose the type of chair that you believe will benefit your church the most.


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