The 3 Most Important Things To Keep Maintained On Your Car


Keeping your car maintained has a lot of benefits and should be a top priority when you own a car. You can lower your insurance premiums when you are not getting into accidents because of a poorly maintained vehicle as you can see by reading this State Farm auto insurance review. You will also be driving the car many years past your last loan payment so you can save money by not needing to take on a new car loan right away. 

When you keep your car maintained you can save a lot of money and headaches. It seems when a breakdown happens it’s always at the worst time. It’s nice to take care of your car and not worry about if it is going to end up needing repairs as it gets older. In this article, we will go over several of the most important ways to maintain your car. 

1 – The timing belt

The timing belt is the glue that holds everything together in your engine. If it were to break then that would be the end of your engine and will need to be totally replaced. It is what keeps everything working together so it controls the air conditioning, the alternator that charges the battery, and a number of other things. 

The problem with timing belts is that they don’t last long. They usually need to be replaced between 80,000 and 100,000 miles or they risk breaking while you are driving. This is dangerous and expensive if it happens. 

Read in your owner’s manual when the recommended limit is to change it. Every make and model is different so it is important to not assume when you need to change it. 

2 – The oil and filters

There is a lot of heat and friction happening in your engine when the car is running. This puts a lot of strain on the parts that can then wear out. If your oil is old then this is going to cause them to wear down even faster. It is really important to change the oil on time so that there is less friction and the parts remain lubricated.

The filters should also be changed so that the oil can be kept clean and last longer. After every oil change make sure to change the filters. When you replace the oil, it is a good idea to use synthetic oil that isn’t as prone to breaking down and losing lubrication quickly. 

3 – The brake pads

Changing the brake pads is going to help your car stay safe and also will save you money in the long run. This is because the pads will wear down and eventually the disc will get ruined. When the disc gets ruined it is much costlier to replace. 

Make sure to have your brake pads checked and replaced before they wear down completely. 

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