Understanding The Mobile App Development Budget by App Type

In this digital era, smartphones are ubiquitous. Therefore, it is hard for emerging companies to ignore this trend. So, they are investing in mobile app development which can be both a challenging and exciting process. 

The mobile app revenue is increasing exponentially. As per the statistics, mobile app revenue has dramatically risen to 639 billion by the year 2021 globally

But if you are new in the market or have small businesses, you must be googling what is the cost of mobile app development, right? The truth is, no one can tell you the exact cost of mobile app development. So, to get an estimation you have to know about a business goal, the features you want to add to your app, your budget, etc. 

So, before devoting your time to mobile app development, make a proper plan to get closer to your success and Hire a mobile app development agency for app development.

In this article, we will discuss mobile app development costs and how you can plan your budget properly.

Factors that Generally Affect Mobile App Development Cost

The number of mobile application downloads has increased dramatically, making mobile app development one of the lucrative business niches. 

According to statistics, there are almost 3.2 billion smartphone users in the whole world and the number of them is rapidly increasing. Therefore, mobile app development will be one of the most profitable industries.

But, before making an app, you might want to know what is the cost of mobile app development, right? Well, it depends on some factors and the most significant factor is how complex your app is going to be, the density of features, the platform or operating system, the location of your developer, and many more. 

So, here we will try to cover all the factors which can determine the overall cost of mobile app development.

UI or UX Design Complexity

The software development company has shifted its priority to the needs and experiences of the app user. With a myriad of applications, customers have the freedom to select a solution that promises simple navigation, clarity, and high performance. For this reason, design work plays an important role when it comes to mobile app development cost estimation. 

The custom mobile app development cost includes customized UI/UX design that involves things like fonts, buttons, logos, icons, etc. The UI/UX designers are indeed very expensive, but investing in it, is totally worth it, as they will be responsible for making your app look aesthetic and user-friendly.

Number of App Features and Their Complexity

Features play a vital role when it comes to determining the cost of mobile app development. However, to your make your mobile app successful, you need to produce a user-friendly mobile app. It will be best if you don’t include any unnecessary features that can hamper the user experience.

 According to the statistics, 71% of users have deleted an app because of the irritating unnecessary notification. 

However, the development cost of a mobile app will grow as the number of features and its complexities increase. Basic features such as subscription or user login take only 20 to 25 hours to develop. But, if you include other features like visual analytics, payment system integration, etc. you have to pay more. 

API integration also increases the cost of mobile app development. So, if you want to include advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning language, then it will put additional cost on the budget.

Development Approach

Deciding on the development platform is one of the ways to find out app development cost estimates. Well, you can create an app for both operating systems. But the android mobile app development cost is higher than the iOS mobile app development cost. 

However, the average mobile app development cost estimation is $50,000 to $1,70,000. 

It will cost you higher if you are thinking to develop a native android or iOS app development. It is because the native products directly give access to developers to integrated functions such as GPS and the camera, letting them create mobile applications that have complex functionalities.

 However, if you want to implement this type of functionality in cross-platform apps, then you have to use some extra coding. 

So, in simple words, if you want to build an app full of sophisticated features, then go for native app development. But, if you are looking for an app with basic functionalities, then hybrid development will do the work.

Vendor Type and Location

Vendor type and location also affect the overall app development cost at a large scale. Well, go for freelancers or small agencies if you want to develop basic apps. Since they have the capability but sometimes lack in-depth knowledge to create a complex app. Then, specialist agencies offer complex app development at a higher cost and will take you through the whole development process. 

Lastly, the giant agencies offer their wide spectrum of services at the highest cost. However, their locations also affect the development cost.

Type of App and Their Budget

Selecting the type of app is also one of the ways to find out app development estimates. So, let’s see the type of mobile application and their estimated budget.

Basic Application

Basic applications include a clock, a To-do application, a calculator, small games, etc. These are the cheapest mobile application to develop that doesn’t require any backend development. 

The developer only takes only a month to finish. However, it would cost you almost $10,000 to $15,000. 

Mobile Authentication Application

A loyalty app is the perfect example of a mobile authentication app where users have to log in to continue. 

This type of application mainly stores all the data of the user and shares their information across the device. Therefore, it is going to be a quite expensive project that would range between $40,000 to $80,000. 

  1. Banking Application

  2. It is an application from where users can get access to their bank details including transactions directly from their smartphones.

As per the statistics, 94% of users usually check their bank details and their transactions through the banking application. However, the development cost for the banking application will be $45,000 to $64,000. 

E-commerce Application

E-commerce applications do require some features such as social interaction, product pages, user registration, catalog, payment option, product description, etc. 

So, if you want to develop a small and simple e-commerce app, then it would cost you between $60,000 to $300,000. 

Social Network Application

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are examples of social network applications. 

Social media application generally handles a lot of interactions where the users are allowed to chat and share information across the platform. Therefore, this application does require a strong backend infrastructure. Hence, you have to invest a large amount which is approximately $60,000 to 300,000.

On-demand Service Application

It is a kind of app that helps the service provider to connect to their end-users so that the user can meet their immediate needs. 

Uber is an example of an on-demand mobile application. In this app, users just have to log in with their credentials to avail the on-demand services. The cost of developing on-demand applications is $50,000 to 100,000.


Whenever you will go for developing an app, you must know what is the cost of mobile app development. As per the industry studies, the cost of developing a mobile application will go from $5000 to $5000,000 and above it. However, it will be best if you take help from any mobile app development company for better understanding. 

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