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Tiger Woods – Golf Fortune and Prizes

How rich is Tiger Woods?

The American golfer Tiger Woods is with a estimated assets of around 705 million euros not just one of the richest athletes in the world, but the second richest African-American in the United States and highest-earning golfer of all time. Mainly this fortune came about directly through the golf sport, i.e. through prize money and exclusive advertising contracts from lucrative donors. However, assets are not only made up of cash reserves, but also of tangible assets such as real estate and vehicles. So far, Tiger Woods has been through golf alone $ 124.73 million in prize money he plays. Overall, he dominated golf as number 1 in the world for over 13 years. Tiger is currently playing very successfully again after a long back injury. After a long break and several setbacks, he was able to win another golf tournament in September 2018. In April 2019 the unbelievable major victory at “The Masters” followed.

Prize money from Tiger Woods

The prize money won is only a fraction of Tiger Woods’ fortune. The advertising contracts and tournament entry fees are still much higher. Nevertheless, the one who was able to win the most prize money in golf is:

  • PGA Tour: $ 120,660,780
  • European Tour: 3,590,356 euros (4,068,052 US dollars)
  • Total: $ 124,728,832


In private life, unfortunately, things have not been going smoothly for a long time. On the one hand there were the affairs scandals, no sooner had this been forgotten than it was about drugs. He was picked up by police in May 2017 for being drunk driving. In total, he is said to have been under the influence of five different drugs. Woods suffers from severe pain and insomnia, which is why he took a drug for pain relief on an ongoing basis. The opioid called hydrocodone, better known by the product name Vicodin, was his daily companion. He also put himself into professional care for his Get a grip on drug consumption. At Tiger Woods, you never know what’s next. We can be curious to see which scandals he’ll make headlines again in the future.

The career of the great golf professional

Tiger Woods net worth
Eldrick Tont Woods, known as Tiger Woods, was born on December 30, 1975 in the Californian city of Cyprus. Although professional athletes usually start very early, around the age of six or seven, to be interested in the job they will do later and to gain their first experience, Woods began as a downright child prodigy already playing golf as a toddler. It is reported that he was still wearing diapers and imitating his father when he played golf. This trait would soon bring him fame as he appeared on various television series as a toddler to amaze and excite America with his very early affinity for golf.

It only got serious for Tiger Woods at the age of eight when he played his first tournament – although still in the amateur field. Nevertheless, it represented an important milestone for the young Woods, as his game gave him the certainty that he was actually an exceptional golfer. He won the Junior World Golf Championship, which is the official name, six times and managed to defend his championship title three times in a row. This unusually high number of successes already set him a record. But more were to follow. the World Golf Championship (meanwhile the amateur league for adults) he won three times in a row, which no one before him has achieved either.

Lucrative advertising deals for Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Income
Woods intended to study economics, but things turned out differently. After a short interlude at Stanford University, he finally dropped out and decided to pursue a professional career in 1996. It was by no means difficult as the world of professional golf had already noticed him. So he was able to work with one right at the beginning of his career high market value enter. Nike paid him a double-digit million sum for his first advertising contract with the sporting goods manufacturer.

He not only signed advertising deals with Nike. Gatorade developed a special drink for golfers aptly sold as the “Gatorade Tiger”. As a promotional face for it, Tiger Woods got fed up 70 million euros paid in the deal. He got 15 million euros from the contract with Gilette. Tiger also signed advertising contracts with other companies that made his fortune grow further: Rolex, EA Sports, Asahi Golf Digest American Express, NetJets, Accenture, Tag Heuer….

An extraordinary career

The first high point in his career should come in 1997 when Woods won the Masters for the first time. At the same time, just one year after starting his professional career, he led the world rankings of the best golfers. The year 2000 turned out to be extremely successful for him, in which Woods won the US Open, The Open Championship and the PGA Championship. Due to an injury and other factors, Woods had to make a swing change, which initially lost his dominance. Nevertheless, he managed to win tournaments again from 2005. The last major tournament to be won is the 2007 PGA Championship. After several accidents, private turbulence and dry spells, Woods only managed to get his career back on the road to success in 2013. He took again No. 1 in the world rankings through numerous games won and good placements at the tournaments. Also in the Ryder Cup he was represented a total of 7 times in Team USA and competed against Europe, where he could only win once with the USA (1999).

Owned by Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods owns an extensive in Orlando, Florida Luxury home for $ 40 million bought. In fact, the property is a complex of buildings. It consists of several parts of the building that are practically built along a long pool. The property is set on a massive plot of land on which Wood’s private four hole golf course is located. Of course, Woods uses this as a private practice area right in front of his own front door.

Like most professional athletes, Tiger Woods owns several exclusive vehicles: According to TSM Plug, he owns a Cadillac Escalade (SUV), a Buick Enclave (SUV), a Porsche Carrera GT, a Lexus LS 460 and a Mercedes-Benz S65. According to our own estimates, the value of these vehicles is likely to be between $ 400,000 and $ 500,000. However, this estimate is based on your list price, since those vehicle models are already delivered with a large number of equipment at their list price. Tiger Woods also owns a Gulfstream G550 as a private jet and two luxury yachts, one of which is a sailing yacht and a motor yacht. For the acquisition of the motor yacht “Privacy” should be around twenty million dollars have been due.

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