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Till Lindemann (Rammstein): The singer’s fortune

How much money does Till Lindemann von Rammstein have?

Till Lindemann knows how to make headlines and capitalize on them. He will have earned a large part of his fortune not with his controversial penis art, but as the front man of the band Rammstein. After all, his “art” is available from 29.99 euros and the most expensive work of art, the “Penistier”, costs an impressive 2,250 euros. Nevertheless, the artist personally signed all of his works, which should be a great blessing for all die-hard fans. Lindemann is said to have even made the suggestive art by hand. The cherished Till Lindemann’s fortune is 20 million euros.

Till Lindemann privately

The fortune of Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann
Incidentally, the 1.84 meter tall Till was from 2010 to 2015 with Sophia Thomalla. But this relationship did not last either. While the Rammstein veteran can realize himself on stage, his private life did not always look so happy. The singer is divorced and raised his first daughter alone for many years. In the meantime, Till Lindemann is even a grandpa.

It may be difficult for some people to imagine the rather shrill, crazy guy from East Germany as a loving grandpa. After all, the musician is known for his somewhat dark look and the stark outfits at concerts. In order to create even more attention at his shows, Till Lindemann even has one Pyrotechnician License concerned. Thus, the Rammstein singer, who does not shy away from very explicit, adult gestures on stage, can let it rip even more. However, this also means that the Rammstein shows may devour a lot of money, but at the same time bring the musicians a considerable fortune. And that’s exactly how Till Lindemann built up his current fortune.

Till Lindemann – a man who is infectious

Rammstein's fortune
Sometimes the rock singer shocks the world with a true abortion hymn. Then again you can shake your head and wonder why Till Lindemann allegedly hates noise. How does that fit together? Such a somber career would not have been expected from the son of a children’s book author and cultural journalist who still has a little sister. However, Lindemann is extremely successful with his music and this is also reflected in his assets. The training as a pyrotechnician, which the musician has successfully completed, is not the only thing that distinguishes him from his colleagues in the entertainment world. Till Lindemann wears a lot of hats and has even been once Competitive swimmer – including the associated Olympic qualification. The German star has also worked as a craftsman.

The love of poetry

The fortune of Till Lindemann
But only very few will know that about the front man of one of the world’s most successful German bands. Incidentally, Lindemann discovered his love for poetry, which also flows into the songs of his band, early on. Two volumes of poetry are now also on his cap. The Berliner is not only good for one or two surprises, but he doesn’t mind at all that he polarizes and that the critics tear their mouths over him. After all, this artist’s soul can at least live it out.

However, the artist hates noise and miserable chatter and appreciates the contemplative calm. This shows that he has another side too. Perhaps it is also this side that Till von Rammstein tends to reveal in his role as grandpa. Despite his sometimes brutal songs, Till Lindemann also likes the untouched silence of nature and therefore lives not only in Berlin, but also in a village between Wismar and Schwerin. there the artist is passionate about hunting and fishing. Perhaps this is also the place where the singer recharges his batteries in order to be able to stage himself as a shrill stage personality in a sensational and loud manner.

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