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Tim Cook: Apple CEO’s Net Worth and Salary

How rich is Tim Cook?

According to Forbes, Tim Cook is now one of the most influential people in the world. This is not just about being on Assets of 1.3 billion euros which he would like to donate after his death. Rather, the manager is at the helm of Apple, one of the most important technology companies in the world. Tim Cook is well aware of the responsibility that comes with this. After all, the Apple CEO also felt responsible for publicly announcing that he is home sex. The American therefore actively lives out his role model function day after day. His coming out took place in October 2014. At that time, the top manager announced that he was not only proud to be homosexual, but that it was also one of God’s greatest gifts for him.

Tim Cook earns this salary as Apple CEO

It should be clear that he does his job at Apple not just for the money. After all, he has already amassed a substantial fortune in the course of his career while also working at IBM. In 2018, the top manager received a salary of 15.7 million US dollars. Therefore, the loss of salary he had to endure in 2019 should not have hit him too badly. His salary was $ 11.6 million in 2019. This is due to the fact that executives at Apple are paid based on their performance. The base salary is around $ 3 million per year, the rest is earned through bonuses. The better numbers the company writes, the more Tim Cook earns.

Cook’s top salaries

  • 2015 salary: $ 10.28 million
  • Salary 2016: $ 8.7 million
  • 2017 salary: $ 12.8 million
  • 2018 salary: $ 15.7 million
  • Salary 2019: $ 11.6 million
  • 2020 salary: $ 14.7 million + $ 250 million in shares

Lucrative stock options

In addition to his salary, however, the top manager has also received lucrative stock options from Apple, which make up the majority of the assets. According to the contract signed in 2011, he received one in August 2017 Package of 560,000 shares. 280,000 of them because the goal of returning to the top third of the “Standard & Poor’s 500 Index” list was achieved and another 280,000 shares because he is still in the CEO position. In August 2017, the manager sold 291,000 shares for $ 46.4 million. Overall, he still has the option in the 10-year deal another 2.94 million shares which will be worth around half a billion US dollars. In 2020, $ 250 million was paid out in shares.

A special person

Tim Cook's fortune
It is quite astonishing that a simple boy from Mobile in Alabama, one of the poorer states of the USA, would one day become Apple CEO. But Tim Cook is also a really special person. In 2009 he even offered one to Steve Jobs, the late man at the helm of Apple Part of his liverbecause they both shared a very rare blood type. Jobs did not agree, however. Even if nothing came of this momentous gut decision, Tim Cook seems to rely on his intuition in many of his decisions. He also emphasized this in front of the graduating class at Auburn University when he gave a speech there in 2010.

Tim Cook has been leading Apple since August 2011 and has since cleaned up the company from the inside out. Because while Steve Jobs had tolerated people with a rather difficult personality, the new CEO wanted to ensure more harmony and consistently sorted these employees out. In February 2014 it became clear again that his values ​​are extremely important to him. At that time, Tim Cook even publicly urged investors to sell their Apple shares, provided that they deal with the Climate protection vision from Apple did not match. In March 2015, Cook publicly announced in an interview with Forbes that he would donate his insane fortune in the future.

Tim Cook leads a very private life

Since Tim Cook took over the leadership of Apple, the group has been even more committed to a good cause. This commitment is also made financially. In addition, the top manager is known for sending e-mails from 4:30 in the morning. His work is more than that for him. At the same time, Tim Cook is a very private person who likes to be by himself and doesn’t reveal much about his private life. Even if the fitness enthusiast could do sports on the Apple campus in California, he deliberately does not do so, but has signed up with another gym to protect his privacy. At least so far, he seems to have succeeded very well.

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