Tips To Make The Most Of This Autumn On The E-bike


Autumn is upon us again, and you better be ready to enjoy this beautiful season of stunning natural imagery. Cyclists who intend to enjoy e-biking will find the fall season most ideal after summer. The unique scenery provided by nature is all around, and you can afford to unwind and get the stress out of your system. Have you been thinking about enjoying the sights and colors of nature on your electric commuter bike this autumn? So have we! 

If you are an experienced rider, you probably have plans for your entire year and don’t need our ideas. If not, however, this is the right place for you. It can be a bummer exploring your surroundings on your ebike only to have it cut short because you didn’t get accurate information. We have curated a simple list of tips to help you make the most of autumn once you have decided to ride through the season. Enjoy! 


To Make The Most Of Autumn On Your E-bike… 

  • Plan For All Trips

As with most other things in life, a successful trip requires planning. There is a lot to plan for when going on an autumn ride. You have to be prepared for most, if not all. Autumn is a season of erratic weather conditions, so ensure to know enough of your weather forecast before embarking on your journey. Adequate knowledge of the weather conditions will guide you in choosing the appropriate gear to get the most out of your trip. 

It goes without saying that your toolbox and first aid kit should always be with you, especially when going on a long-distance adventure. With these, you will still maintain a level of control on your trip, even if things get out of order. Have your reflective gear if you intend to travel at night. Make a plan to take the best possible route to your destination. A good road plan should include taking low-traffic areas to enjoy your trip better. 

  • Prepare For Shorter Days

In autumn, what you get is shorter days and longer nights. These days, a sudden rain could cause a turn in weather conditions of a bright day. This makes it imperative for you to plan your riding hours. You can either choose to make the most of the day or ride at night. To ride in the day, have a good idea of the weather forecast to prepare for any sudden wet conditions. Have your sunglasses and other gear for sunny conditions. 

If you intend to ride during the evenings after work, try to stay prepared for sudden rainfall. Electrical bike riding at night requires the most amount of visibility you can get. This makes it ideal for you to invest in a good plan for riding at night. Replace any dim or broken headlights and brake lights. This is your first and best visibility to other motorists. Invest in reflective gear and tapes for yourself and your e-bike to improve your chances of being seen.

  • Clean Thoroughly Always

It is always better for your e-bike to be cleaned before and after every ride in autumn. Mechanical problems can be more rampant during the fall because of wet and dirty roads. You should clean your e-bike thoroughly before you embark on any trip and after your return from your trip. Light cleaning or wiping down should be enough before setting out if you clean all parts of your e-bike thoroughly after every ride.

Clean all the parts you can reach comfortably and try to get them in pristine condition. Cleaning can be done with a soft brush and some water, never a hose. After cleaning oily parts like your chain, ensure to lubricate thoroughly. The chain is a vital component of your electric bike. Clean your brakes and wheels, as well as other moving parts. Most moving parts require lubrication, so ensure to include this in your routine. 

  • Invest In Puncture-resistant Tires

Your tires are probably the most important part of your e-bike. Without your wheels, your bike will only stay at home or remain in a spot. It is crucial that you acquire the best tires to ride in unpredictable autumn road conditions. Your tires should be stable and fat. The best wheels for autumn riding should include puncture-resistant tires to assist in riding on uncertain autumn road conditions. 

Another way to stay prepared involves carrying a spare tire and a pump on your rides. You can attach them anywhere or store them in the ample space of your rear rack. Additionally, you can get a new e-bike with great tires. This is especially good if you want to replace your current bike. For example, the KBO Breeze Step-thru e-bike. It uses puncture-resistant tires that can provide the right adjustment for unfavorable road conditions. 

  • Go Places, Have Fun

It is one thing to make a resolve to ride throughout the season. It is another to see it through. A good way of retaining your interest in riding is to attach destinations you like to it, especially destinations you long to see. E-bikes are one of the best ways of exploring the outdoors, as they afford a closer perspective. If you have the right e-bike for exploring where the colors of autumn lead, then you are ready for the season. 

If you are not ready yet, it means you don’t have the right bike. You can solve this easily by visiting the KBO e-bikes online store. There are several options available to fulfill your requirements. However, planning to have fun is the best approach for riding this season. Autumn is bright, beautiful, and colorful. You can choose to be indoors, always working, or outside enjoying the scenic beauty of nature. 

In Conclusion

If you have never gone on a bike trip during autumn, you may be missing out on a lot. Autumn has a lot to offer outdoors in form of a beautiful, colorful atmosphere. Autumn is the ideal season to get your camera, go out, and capture stunning landscapes rendered beautiful by the period. However, all of this will only be possible if your plans revolve around using the best means of transportation to aid your endeavors. 

The KBO Breeze Step-thru is the perfect companion for going long distances, with its superb 768Wh battery. With a high acceleration torque and excellent 750W motor power, you can’t but enjoy your riding time. It is ideal for any weather and road conditions you may encounter this season. 

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