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Tobias Dorzon is an American chef and former football player. His net worth is estimated at $3 million. He is a self-made restaurant owner. He enjoys cooking and has been known to post videos and photos of his food on social media. In real life, he has two daughters, the oldest of whom is Riley McKenzie Dorzon. He could be married, divorced, or have never been married.

Multi-talented Personality 

Aside from being a famous chef, Tobias is also a sportsman and a media personality. Born on November 23, 1984 in Washington, DC, he is known for his amazing recipes and social media fame. In addition to this, he is also a reality show star and a media sensation. His wildly popular recipes have landed him numerous fans worldwide. Tobias Dorzon is one of the most widely recognized chefs in the world.

Huge Instagram Fans

In addition to being a successful chef, Dorzon has a huge Instagram following and is active on the platform. His authentic profile with the name ‘tobias dorzon’ has over 105k followers and 4305 posts. His bio states that he is the Executive Chef and Owner of the Huncho Experience and Thirteen. Among the posts are his recipes and the whereabouts of his family.


While playing football for many years, Tobias Dorzon turned his passion for cooking into a full-time career. After leaving the NFL in 2012, he shifted his focus on cooking. His cooking skills have made him a celebrity and a successful entrepreneur. In addition to this, he is the owner of a successful private catering business called Victory Chefs. He also owns the Victory Truck mobile eatery in Maryland and Washington, DC. Tobias Dorzon’s food is renowned across the internet, and the Victory Truck is now a regular fixture in the dining scene.

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