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Tom MacDonald Net Worth

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Name: Tom Macdonald
Net Worth 100,000$
Age: 31
Date Of Birth: 21-Sep
Year: 1988
Birth Place: Edmonton, Alberta, Vancouver- Canada
sign: Virgo
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Rapper, singer and music producer
Ethnicity: White Current


Looking at Tom McDonald Net Worth, it seems like you never thought a white man could rap like a black man and can rap so well. Rap was once popular with black people, but Tom McDonald is a rising star in the world of rapping. Like male rapper Eminem, Tom McDonald is making a name for himself in the music industry.

As Tom McDonald’s popularity grows, similarly, his revenue and value are increasing. Tom McDonald has many tattoos on his body that make him even more interesting. Tom McDonald’s personality looks like gangsters.

Who is Tom MacDonald

Tom McDonald is a Canadian rapper and a media personality who has a huge fan base. He became famous in 2018 after the release of his first song, “Helluvit.” Tom MacDonald currently has 1.35 million YouTube subscribers and 323k Instagram followers. Tom MacDonald other famous track name is ”Dear Rappers.”

Tom MacDonald Net Worth

According to celebrity net worth, Tom McDonald net worth is currently 100,000 dollars. Their primary source of income is rapping. Tom McDonald’s also has a lot of expensive cars, bungalows, and a lavish lifestyle.

Tom MacDonald relationship

People have known Tom McDonald for a long time that he never hesitates to tell about his partner. His social media posts show that he loves his partner very much. Usually, celebrities leave their partners after a while, but Tom 2017 is present with his partner “Nova Rockafeller.” Nova is a rapper, director, and producer with over 35,000 followers on Instagram.

Tom MacDonald career

Tom McDonald started raping in 2009. He released his first song on YouTube in May 2014 called “Wannabe.” That same year, Tom released a song called “Dear Rapper,” which was viewed 500,000 times on YouTube. Since 2014, Tom has released albums such as Le Ans Beta (2014) and Sea Cool You Call (2015). Their hit singles include Deer Rappers, White Beam Hello Out, Castles, Wanab, If I’m Changed, Who I Am, Doomsday Glass. Bouts included.

Awards and achievements

Tom MacDonald has won numerous awards and accolades during his music career. After most of his songs reached the national and international networks, he was nominated for the Prestig Leo Award. He has also been instrumental in supporting Major Lazarus, Crazy Child, and Swelling members

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