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Karl Ess Net Worth

Karl Ess

ESTIMATED VALUE 5 million Euros
ESTIMATED INCOME IN 2020 1 Million Euros
Date of birth 13 September 1989 (age 31)
Born in Seattle, USA
Nationality Germany, USA
Marital status is in a relationship with Kerstin Jurek
Job YouTuber, entrepreneur
Size 1.83 m
Weight 90 kg

How much money does Karl Ess have?

Karl Ess is probably one of the most famous fitness YouTubers in the German-speaking area. He became known for his vegan lifestyle as well as his direct manner, with which he not only made friends. Besides publishing videos, Karl Ess is active in numerous other business areas. He sold his fitness program, was involved in a clothing company, brought a book onto the market and much more. This enabled him to amass a fortune of 5 million euros. The richest YouTubers show that you can really make money with videos. Even if Karl Ess is not the richest among them, he can be more than proud of his fortune. Who knows, maybe one day he will get hold of the income from Pewdiepie  & Co.

Half German, Half American


Karl Ess was born on September 13th, 1989 in Seattle, Washington. His mother is American, his father German. The two got to know each other on a trip to New Zealand. Karl Ess also has a sister. He came to Germany as a child, initially to Bavaria. In the second grade of elementary school, he then moved to Baden-Wurttemberg and later went to the Rupert-Neb-Gymnasium in Wangen. In the 10th grade, he moved to an American high school before he attended the business high school in Wangen in Germany. It was there that he met his future business partner Ralf Sättele. After school, Karl Ess spent six months abroad in South America.

Back in Germany, he got by with various jobs, such as moving furniture. He then started at the University of Stuttgart To study industrial engineering. In the technical part, he specialized in civil engineering, in the economic part in real estate.


Karl began his sporting career at the age of 13 with the men’s gymnastics community Wangen, where he did apparatus gymnastics for three years. Inspired by his father, Karl then started riding a racing bike. During this time he was also an avid soccer player, playing for nine years in total. He gave up when he met American football in high school in the United States. In the winter months, Karl was particularly enthusiastic about skiing. He started bodybuilding at the age of 15 but was unable to achieve the desired results in the first few years.

However, when he set clear goals and trained according to plan, he noticed the first changes. Then he dealt more intensively with the matter. He reached his first peak form at the age of 19, then stopped training for two years because his friends influenced him. These friends told him at the time that he was already too trained, which is why he then focused on endurance training. It wasn’t until the start of his YouTube channel on April 13th2012 that he began to focus more on bodybuilding. Little by little, he also stopped eating animal foods and has been vegan for several years. He always turns this lifestyle outward in his videos and tries to bring his viewers in this direction.

How much does Karl Ess earn? – Its lines of business:

Karl Ess has already developed numerous branches of business and is or was involved in various companies. He stated that he had a monthly turnover of 800,000 euros. But through which areas does this turnover result, or are these values ​​even realistic?

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