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Net Worth of Michaela Schaffrath aka Gina Wild

Michaela Schaffrath Gina Wild

Maiden name Michaela Janke
Date of birth 06 December 1970 (age 49)
Born in Eschweiler, Germany
Nationality Germany
Marital status in a relationship with Carlos Anthony (since 2014)
Job Ex-porn star, actress (film, theater and television), presenter
Nickname Gina Wild


How much money does Michaela Schaffrath alias Gina Wild have?

The estimated capacity of Michaela Schaffrath is expected at 300,000 euros lie. Even if the ex-porn star doesn’t have much money left, she can’t be so bad. After all, the former Gina Wild turned down an offer worth 1 million euros. But why? After Michaela Schaffrath had expressly distanced herself from her porn past, the actress did not want to dare to return to the porn business even for a proud sum of 1 million euros. She should only have returned to the role of Gina Wild in one film. But even that wasn’t in Michaela’s mind. The Swiss filmmaker who made the offer hardly expected this cancellation.

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Michaela Schaffrath and her debts


The rejection is all the more astonishing when you consider that the beautiful blonde herself had stated in an interview that her appearance at the jungle camp in 2008 had helped out of the debt trap. At least she was second at the time. The actress, who now lives in Hamburg and Mallorca, is said to have earned up to 90,000 euros through her time at the RTL camp in Australia. However, nothing is known about the amount of their debts.

Nowadays the actress seems to be doing better than ever. Because their two failed marriages are now a thing of the past. In 2005 Michaela divorced Axel Schaffrath, and in 2009 she married Michael Wahnoff. She has been separated from her second husband since 2013 and fell in love again in 2014. Now Michaela is happily in a relationship with a star photographer from Hamburg named Carlos Anthonyo. Former Gina Wild is now definitely being taken seriously among German actors.

In addition, she is often hired for small roles. After all, she should pay a fee of 1,600 euros per day of shooting to get. For example, the “Marienhof” and the “SOKO Stuttgart” were involved. The beautiful Michaela also got other guest appearances on television. Depending on how extensive their roles are, a small amount can come together. A few days of shooting are needed for larger performances.

Career as a porn star Gina Wild

There are over 3.8 million entries for the former pseudonym of today’s actress on the world’s largest search engine, Google. Incidentally, the pseudonym “Gina Wild” is a registered brand name of Michaela Schaffrath. The associated website also belongs to the actress. However, she does not publish any content on it in order to protect her current image of the clean woman as well as possible.

In any case, it is astonishing that the name “Gina Wild” is still known to so many men in Germany. After all, Michaela Schaffrath, who has long since divorced her ex-husband Axel Schaffrath and always kept his name so as not to confuse her fans, has only been in the porn industry for three years active. That was many years ago. The porn career ran from 1999 to 2001. But 13 porn strips with Gina Wild will remain forever, and they are still very popular today.

Nevertheless, there are always moments in Michaela Schaffrath’s life when she seems to catch up with her past. That happened, for example, in 2009, when an internet shop took the liberty of joking and used the ex-porn star’s pseudonym and her face for advertising purposes without being asked. Michaela Schaffrath sued against this and wanted to win 40,000 euros. In doing so, the company had violated the registered trademark “Gina Wild” , and Michaela Schaffrath’s face had to be used for advertising purposes involuntarily in this context. Of course, neither is allowed in Germany.

Her life before and after Gina Wild

Before Gina Wild was from 1999 to 2001, Michaela Schaffrath had a completely regular job. She worked as a pediatric nurse. She found her way into the erotic scene with small steps. It started with her work as a hostess at adult fairs. At that time, Michaela Schaffrath found herself too chubby and did not feel attractive. With a radical starvation diet, blue contact lenses and hair straightening, she became the porn star Gina Wild. In 1998, she also had her breasts enlarged, which certainly made her fans even better.



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