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Tony Beets: The Fortune of the Seasoned Gold Prospector

How much money does Tony Beets have?

Tony Beet's Alaska Gold Rush
Tony Beets is the most experienced prospector in the DMAX series “Alaska Gold Rush“. Born in the Netherlands, he emigrated to Canada with his wife Minnie as early as 1980. First he worked on a farm as a dairy farmer and then on the oil pipelines. When he found out from friends that you can earn up to $ 1,000 a week in the gold mines, he got into the business as early as 1986 as an employee at the “Tamarack Mine”, which he later bought. He now owns one of the largest privately operated gold mines in the Yukon. The cherished Tony Beets’ net worth is 13 million euros.

A fortune: how much gold has Tony Beets already mined?

Tony Beets has been an integral part of the successful Discovery series since the 5th season of “Gold Rush in Alaska”. He and his family dig for gold on Eureka Creek and Paradise Hill and earn a fortune in the process

  • Season 6: 737 ounces of gold valued at $ 800,000
  • Season 7: 2,176 ounces of gold valued at $ 2.7 million
  • Season 8: 3,659 ounces of gold valued at $ 4.5 million
  • Season 9: 3,223 ounces of gold valued at $ 4 million
  • Season 10: 2,249 ounces of gold valued at $ 3.3 million
  • Season 11: 3,030 ounces of gold valued at $ 5.4 million

How much money did Parker Schnabel pay?

Tony Beets also owns the claim “Scribner Creek”, which he leased to the young and ambitious Parker Schnabel since the fourth season of “Gold Rush in Alaska”. During this time, he pulled gold worth around 30 million US dollars from the prospect and pressed a small fortune of around 4.5 million US dollars to the lessor, which in the past repeatedly led to controversial disputes between the two. A profitable business when you consider that native Dutch people didn’t have to lift a finger for it. At the end of the 9th season, however, Parker announced that he would no longer lease “Scribner Creek” for another year, but would dig on his own soil in the future.

Tony Beet's merit with gold

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