Top 5 Benefits Of Having a Degassing Valve On Your Coffee Packaging

Crafting a great-tasting coffee blend and selling it can be a great experience. Nothing is better than knowing that people are enjoying something you’ve worked hard to create. To ensure that every person gets the best out of your beans, you have to consider your coffee packaging choices carefully. A poorly designed bag or box could ruin the quality of the coffee. A bag with a valve could be the right choice.

1. Releasing CO2 Without Letting Oxygen and Moisture In

You may not realize it, but freshly roasted coffee beans release carbon dioxide for several days after roasting. That gas can build up in the bag and may even cause the package to burst. With traditional packaging, the customer would have to open the back to release the gas. That creates an opportunity for oxygen and moisture to reach the beans, affecting their flavor.

Using coffee bags with valve openings allow anyone to let the gas out of the bag without adding more air to the bag than needed. This preserves the product and makes it a better value.

2. Maintain Flavor and Freshness Longer

The flavor of coffee comes from the oils in the beans, and as these oils start to react to oxygen they will deteriorate. That leads to a bland cup of joe for the end user and reflects poorly on the brewer. To make sure everyone gets the flavor you intended, use degassing valves to protect the beans and keep the flavor potent for longer.

3. Extend Shelf Life

Speaking of keeping things for longer, degassing valves help extend the shelf life of the coffee. Coffee grounds can go stale as it ages, making them unusable. Controlling the gas and moisture levels in the bag is the best way to preserve the coffee, so the valve is a big benefit.

4. Easier Transportation

Your coffee bags should be sturdy and easy to stack and transport so you can ship and sell them easily. Getting uniform degassing bags for each coffee bean blend makes it easy to pack everything together since the bags are the same size and fit together well. This logistical advantage can make it simpler to process large orders. It also helps if a customer wants to buy a bag of coffee and give it as a gift to someone else.

5. Have Happier Customers

Using a degassing valve on your coffee packaging can enhance customer satisfaction. Customers want fresh, flavorful coffee, and a degassing valve helps ensure that they get exactly that. When customers are happy with their coffee, they are more likely to become repeat customers and even recommend your coffee to their friends.

Be Deliberate About Packaging and Improve Your Product

With all of the effort that goes into choosing coffee beans, roasting them and blending them, it only makes sense to protect your product. The right packaging is critical for this. Whether you need coffee bags with degassing valves or some otherĀ custom-printed mylar bags, improve the way you do things by investing in your packaging materials.

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