How Can London Self Storage Help You Navigate Big Life Moments?

Find out how affordable London storage can help you during all kinds of different life moments, making things that little bit easier one secure, dry and climate controlled unit at a time:

Gap Year

A gap year is something that you can do at any time of life, and is not just the traditional gap between school and further education. In fact, as travel has opened up with low cost plane rides and accommodation options where people open up their homes to rent, more and more older people are taking a gap year, often travelling for much longer to see the world. You can use self storage to store your things as you go on a gap year, whether that is a room full, or the contents of a whole house. Renting your house out as you travel on a gap year? Store your valuables and furniture in your affordable self storage unit so you don’t have to worry about it as you travel.

Going Freelance & Travelling

There are about 4.2 million self employed workers in the UK and that number continues to grow. Lots of those people are remote workers, and lots of those remote workers choose to utilise the fact they can work remotely by travelling as they work. If that is you, self storage gives you a really great way to keep your things safe as you make memories across the world.


University is such a huge life moment, and when you go you probably won’t have that much stuff. However, as time goes on you are likely to accumulate things, things you don’t want to have to take home between semesters. London storage is the perfect way to keep your things safe between semesters, especially items you don’t feel safe leaving in your room when you’re not back for a prolonged period of time.


Weddings require a lot of stuff – tables, decorations, accessories – the list is endless. What better than a central location for you, your family and supplies to utilise to drop-off and collect items as the wedding is planned? It is also helpful for just after the wedding when you want to store your things securely as you go off on your honeymoon.

Christmas & Birthdays

OK, Christmases and Birthdays may not be big life events, but big birthdays can be, and big gifts can make these events really memorable. Self storage is not only helpful for keeping Christmas and Birthday decorations safe and in good condition, but it is also helpful for expensive gifts you want to hide until the big day.

Once-In-A-Lifetime Holidays

Once-In-A-Lifetime holidays deserve to be enjoyed without worry. Why not store your sentimental and expensive belongings in a self storage unit so you have peace of mind that when you get back, the items you love the most will be safe and secure in a local self storage facility.

Empty Nest

When the nest empties it is a huge transition. Maybe you don’t want to get rid of everything in your children’s rooms right away, but you know that you want to start to make use of the rooms and transform them to suit your next plans. Self storage is a really great service for this time because you can let go without properly letting go. You can put everything into the self storage space, develop the rooms at home and then sort out everything else at your leisure – no rush.

Growing Families

If there is one thing that babies need, it is a ton of space. Maybe you need to clear the spare room to turn it into a nursery, maybe you are having a third child and your house is bursting at the seams – extra space would be very handy now. Self storage gives you the chance to expand your family and physical storage space without having to pay to move into a bigger home. It is also useful to have a space to keep items for future siblings of your youngest child.

House Purchases/Sales And Renovation

Homes being sold, bought or renovated all require a lot of manoeuvring of space. Whether you need to store your things so you can stage your home, empty your place to renovate it, or you need a middle ground as you move house and your things need to be stored as their final location is decided – self storage is incredibly handy. It can also be as big as a football pitch oras small as a gym locker, so it’s helpful regardless of the size of house you’re working on.

Downsizing For Retirement

Retiring is a huge deal, and downsizing is exciting, but hard. There is a lot to let go of, which can be very emotional. Self storage softens that tricky process, giving you somewhere for sentimental items, items too big for your new place, items you want to hold onto for loved ones. It’s a really great way to downsize without feeling you have to make endless sacrifices when it comes to your things.

Moving Into A Care Home

Moving into a care home is difficult for everybody involved, and self storage can make the process easier. If you’re moving a loved one into a care home you can empty their home into a unit so that the property can be sold (usually as part of what pays for the care). You can then go through everything in your own time, after the move has been completed and everyone has settled with this new chapter.

Long-Term Illness

Long-term illness isn’t a big life moment any of us want, but it is a highly impactful big life moment. Self-storage can help you to make room in the lower parts of your home if you cannot use the stairs, clear a spare room for a carer or family helping you during this difficult time. Self storage is also handy to move items out as you adjust your home to changing needs. For example; you may need doors widening for wheelchair use, in which case certain furniture items may need to be moved into self storage.

Whether you are moving house, going to university or experiencing any other big life moment, consider utilising self storage to help make things that little bit easier, all for an affordable price.

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