Top Cannabis Dispensary Chains across Europe

Europe has undergone a change in recent years regarding the legalization, production, and sale of medical cannabis, encouraging startups and business owners to fully take advantage of this new opportunity.

Cannabis is still more frequently approved for medical purposes in Europe than for recreational purposes. Europe continues to place more emphasis on scientific studies and medical research due to restrictions on recreational use.

Overall, Europe presents a fresh market for the cannabis industry, one that might grow in tandem with evolving laws and public opinion.

After extensive research on major cannabis review platforms like Hempercamp, we present you with some of the best cannabis dispensaries with European roots that are transforming the cannabis industry in Europe, ranging from CBD-infused terpenes for relief to chewing gum for uplifting mood. 

Grass & Co.

Grass & Co. (2018) provides a THC-free CBD oil that was custom made utilising the finest quality organic CBD and therapeutic botanical elements under the motto “Life Enhanced By Nature.”

Industrial hemp, which is increasingly seen as being environmentally beneficial due to its low water demand and favourable effects on the land, is used to make products in order to assure sustainability. In general, the business offers cannabis-related goods in the United Kingdom that are still compatible with the law and offer clients advantages. The company can be contacted by interested parties by utilising the website’s contact page, subscribing, or sending a message through one of the available social media platforms.

Grass & Co. takes pleasure in employing products devoid of chemicals and pesticides that are probably hazardous. Since the list doesn’t contain THC-O products, they don’t have any psychoactive effects. Products are vegan and lab tested to assure a higher quality product, which is an extra plus.

Cannamedical® Pharma GMBH 

The firm with headquarters in Cologne, completed a €12 million strategic Series A financing round in April 2020.

The German company Cannamedical Pharma GmbH offers wholesale services for cannabis goods. The business has two EU-GMP certifications, which denote acceptable manufacturing processes. The items are focused on a pharmaceutical wholesaling strategy and are designed for medicinal usage. It encourages devotion to social responsibility and patient-centered support.

Cannamedical Pharma, founded in 2016, is a pioneer in the business of medical cannabis. With more than 3,500 pharmacies across Germany, Cannamedical, the sole independent German cannabis wholesaler, has built up commercial ties.

Sanity Group 

The Sanity Group is a comprehensive cannabis business with a strong emphasis on science, human welfare, and health. Sanity Group is making investments in fundamental studies of the cannabis plant and its active compounds as well as in particular application areas in order to take advantage of the full potential of its health benefits.

Sanity Group was founded in Germany and has subsequently expanded to serve a wider market throughout Europe. Since recreational cannabis use is not generally available in Europe, the market is mostly focused on other applications like medicinal, scientific, and personal care. The business also produces non-psychoactive CBD products in addition to research and design initiatives.

They announced the conclusion of a €20 million funding round in February 2020.

Blossom Genetics 

With the intention of utilising their expertise in cultivating and breeding soft fruit, Oliver Davies, Oskar Fletcher, and Naeem Dungarwalla founded Blossom Genetics in 2019.

The team at Blossom has bred numerous crops for 20 years. Blossom’s cannabis breeding program was established for the straightforward reason that they were confident they could produce outcomes that no one else was able to. How? They were certain that we could breed practical solutions if they kept a sharp and distinct focus on the requirements of the medical business along with rigorous science.


The only privately owned German business that is allowed to grow medical marijuana in Germany is Demecan.

They make sure that their cannabis products are always of the highest quality in their production plant near Dresden. 

The internal experts at Demecan are distinguished by their depth of scientific knowledge and their enthusiasm for cannabis as a medicine. From the cuttings through the harvest, they completely regulate the climate in which cannabis is cultivated. 

In May 2020, it was stated that the firm had acquired a seven-digit investment from a number of investors, including Bernhard Schadeberg, head of the Krombacher brewery. In 2019, the startup raised €7 million for the development of their production plant in Dresden.

Emmac Life Sciences 

With over 15 medical cannabis licences, Emmac Life Sciences, commonly known as Curaleaf International, operates in ten different nations. The business focuses on a seed-to-patient strategy in which the cannabis is managed within the vertically integrated supply chain of Curaleaf International. Curaleaf International can manage processes that would often be handled by other businesses thanks to vertical integration.

By having several businesses under its management, Emmac Life Sciences is able to keep control over each phase. For instance, the business owns a medical cannabis pharmacy, a research and development firm, a manufacturing firm, and a grower of medicinal cannabis.

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals Limited 

In Dublin, Ireland, SOMA Pharmaceuticals produces cannabis medications that frequently concentrate on isolating cannabinoids like CBD and THC. Overall, the business offers goods that are up to pharmacy standards and are constantly investigated in their Portuguese manufacturing plant. 

Products on offer include THC Isolate and SOMA Vape Oil. According to the company’s website, it is still willing to adhere to European standards and welcomes the opportunity for future market expansion if those regulations change to more enthusiastically support cannabis use.


With its “gold standard” CBD, this London-based startup aims to empower people to live better lives. It was founded in 2018. Their hand lotions, balms, drops, and capsules are easy to include in our everyday routines because they are health-focused and supported by a group of doctors and scientists.

One of the most well-known CBD product brands in the UK is Cannaray, which is renowned for introducing some of the finest calibre goods to the market. All people adore Cannaray’s wide selection of CBD oils and balms, which offer a whole line of CBD products excellent for enhancing skincare, overall wellbeing, and sleep.

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