Why you Should Drink Whiskey from a Proper Whiskey Glass

Whiskey is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. Whether an occasional whiskey drinker or a proper whiskey connoisseur, you must know the right way to taste it. Choose the best glassware to enjoy this beverage to its last drop.

You can find several types of whiskey glasses to enjoy your favourite drink. With the right glass, you can instantly enhance the drinking experience. If you are not convinced or want more logical reasons to use the proper glassware for whiskey, continue reading.

Here we discuss the five reasons to consider drinking whiskey from a proper glass.

Honour the Whiskey-Making Art

While enjoying your antique whiskey, have you ever thought about how much labour and craft work goes into making this beverage? A spirit often takes many years to mature in a container or barrel. So, the craft workers wait a long time to check the outcome. If you learn to respect this long creation process and the work of labour involved, you will appreciate the whiskey’s taste more. Paired with a bar cart, you can easily make the experience feel much more luxurious.

Appreciating a fine whiskey is to smell the alcoholic beverage while sipping. Hence, the aroma and colour grow on the drinker. With the right whiskey glass, you get to experience the taste of your drink. Therefore, invest in the right whiskey glass to enjoy every drop of your spirit.

Check Glass Shape & Size

A proper whiskey glass (also known as lowball glass or tumbler) looks simple. But its base diameter and its mouth are what you need to check. Make sure to go for a short tumbler with a wide brim and mouth. Plus, the base of the glass must be thick to help you feel the aroma.

When choosing a whiskey glass, monitor its shape and size. The ideal capacity of a whiskey glass is 10 ounces while accommodating the ice balls. Don’t go for thinner and smaller whiskey glasses because they may not hold much ice that you need to enjoy your whiskey.

Put ice cubes carefully when you want to enjoy your drinks trolley on the rocks. Pouring a small amount of whiskey and ice cubes is best. After that, savour the whiskey slowly. Don’t pour too much whiskey with more ice cubes, as the melting water will bring down the whole experience, and your whiskey moment may get spoiled. So, be thoughtful with the ice cubes.

Know the Glass Types

When you pick the right malt, you must also choose a good whiskey glass. The scotch glass or classic tumbler is not the only glassware to improve your whiskey-tasting experience. The famous tulip-shaped Glencairn is another neat whiskey glass for all whiskey lovers.

You have to find a nosing glass to enjoy the aroma of whiskey. The nosing glasses are available in several shapes and designs. Its narrow top and wide bottom help you enjoy the rich aroma. For instance, Copita nosing glass is the best type for any classic connoisseur. Or go for the engraved whiskey glass to suit your tastes. With the right glass choice, you can enhance the whiskey-drinking experience while getting satisfaction.

Lead-Free Crystal Glass

Lead crystal glass in glassware contains toxic lead oxide that may spoil the taste of your aged whiskey. When lead oxide mixes with whiskey, it can also harm your health and nervous system. Many glasses come with lead crystals that aren’t lab-tested.

Therefore, consider serving whiskey in age-old tumblers, as they are safe. Such glasses don’t contain any lead. You may even go for whiskey decanters that are also lead-free glassware. Try to look for a lead-free quality whiskey glass for better beverage clarity. Never sacrifice quality while choosing a whiskey glass. Hence, you can enjoy your beverage safely without any health concerns.

Holding Your Whiskey Glass

When it comes to holding your whiskey glass, it’s not the same as holding a simple glass of water. You need to know how to grasp a whiskey glass properly. And, do so till the last sip. One best way to hold your whiskey glass is to grab it by the bottom. It ensures a secure grip. It also prevents whiskey from getting warm from the heat of your palm.

Holding a whiskey glass from its stem portrays sophistication. But if you hold it by its bowl, you are conveying power and sex domain. And, for having whiskey on the rocks, hold the glass by its rim.


Whiskey is rightfully known as the nectar of heaven. It is delicious and comes in many flavours to soothe your sensory experience. So, don’t spoil its taste by choosing the wrong glass for it. Use your knowledge and wisdom to pick the best whiskey glasses.

You can buy different whiskey glasses from the Wheel & Barrow website. However, have a better understanding of how to pick the right one. It will enhance your whiskey moments. Give it a try!

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