Top Career Trends of 2022

Amidst widespread resignations and changing career trends, the job market is more chaotic than usual. With so many people shifting careers or going back into education, the job market in 2022 is set to be one full of surprises. For those looking for a new career, or even their first career step, some key trends are worth noting.

While entering a new career can be daunting, the fact is that the roles listed here are where we expect to see rapid growth. As demand for these roles and the best entry level jobs in Charlotte NC continues to grow, they could be the ideal avenue to explore if you’re looking for a new direction.

Personal Care Aide

Home help and personal care is experiencing massive growth. CareerFitter reports that the sector will have the highest volume of hiring in 2022, and that growth is expected to continue for an estimated eight years. While it’s certainly not the easiest career to enter, if you like the idea of helping others to have a better quality of life, it could be an excellent avenue to explore.

Although you can break into personal care without any formal qualifications, there will be some standardized tests to complete before you can start working. But with the option to extend your new career into other healthcare roles, those tests might well be worth taking. Find out as much as you can about becoming a personal care aide it could be a career step you won’t regret.

Personal Care Aide

Personal Trainer

There has been a massive increase in demand for personal trainers over the last six months, and that demand looks set to make being a personal trainer one of the fastest-growing career sectors in 2022. Perhaps it’s because so many people were working from home or that so many gyms closed over the last two years. Whatever the reason, becoming a personal trainer is a smart career choice right now.

Once qualified, you could work for yourself as a freelance personal trainer, giving you more control over the hours you put in. Personal trainers don’t work set hours, so you can dictate when and where you work if you go the freelance route. Other trainers will find full-time contract work in gyms and health centers. The options are broad, so if you managed to keep your health levels up during the last few years, then this could be a career choice that matches your fitness passions.

Personal Trainer

Nurse Practitioner

It’s no surprise that the demand for nurses is growing so quickly. A nursing career has always been a popular choice, but it requires some education and specialized training. Your first step will be to become a registered nurse, which will mean a nursing degree of some kind, and then the successful completion of the NCLEX-RN exam

Where you live will directly impact the qualifications you need to become a nurse practitioner. Check your state requirements before handing in your resignation letter and start applying for courses. From the state license to your national certification, there’s a lot of work ahead of you. But with salaries that can get as high as $111,680 a year, it could be well worth the additional study you have to do.

Market Research Analyst

If you have more of an analytical mind, then a market research analyst might be an excellent career fit. These professionals/marketers collect vast amounts of data through in-depth study and then determine the potential popularity and viability of a product. They identify the products the data tells them will sell and gather commercial insights into customer demographics, which all sounds very complex.

Most of those already working as market research analysts have a degree in either marketing, mathematics, or business statistics. This is not a job for everybody, and you’re going to need some soft skills to accompany your formal qualifications. Critical thinking and time management, along with a love of data, are all essential for market research analysts.

Choosing Your Career Path

While these careers are currently seeing a massive burst in demand, they’re not your only options. There is currently a high demand for workers across almost every industry and sector. Take your time to think about what you want from your career. Do your research, and always make sure that you have a clear career path to follow that will help you meet your goals.

The more you know about your next career path, the easier it will be to identify what kind of work you’re looking for such as to learn how to become a pilot and the viability of that career. Depending on where you’re starting from, this time next year could see you deep into an entirely new life built on the back of your dream job.

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