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Trenton Thornton

Charged For Murder 

Trenton Thornton has been charged with the murder of a man named Patrick Edwards. The two men were involved in a road rage incident in which Thornton fatally shot Edwards. He later claimed self-defense. The murder trial was a mistrial, but he was found guilty of two other crimes: leaving the scene of an accident and shooting into an occupied vehicle. Though he will have to serve only two years in prison for the two other crimes, prosecutors plan to retry him for the murder.

In Jail

Police arrested Thornton and placed him in jail after the shooting. He was held in the Mobile County Metro Jail until trial. Authorities allege that Thornton shot the victim before fleeing the scene. His bail was set at $140,000. He is expected to face trial in the near future.

He Purposely did That?

Although the police did not provide a reason, investigators believe that Thornton had a motive to kill Edwards. According to the police report, Thornton fired at least three or four times through the window of Edwards’ car. The car was occupied by Thornton’s fiance. Thornton was captured the following day and was captured after a one-hour standoff. The police did not have a warrant for Thornton at the time of the arrest. This fact was noted by Thornton’s attorney during the court hearing.

His Military Affiliation

While the police have yet to specify the reason for Trenton Thornton’s arrest, they do know that he is a Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. His military affiliation deferentially released him from jail. However, when the SWAT team attempted to arrest him, he resisted arrest and the group seized him. Thornton is expected to face trial in 2022.


Despite being a former Marine, Trenton Thornton has a criminal record. He has been associated with numerous crimes, including the murder of Patrick Edwards. The killing took place during a road rage encounter in which Thornton shot Patrick Edwards multiple times from inside his car. As of this time, Thornton awaits trial for his role in the killing of Edwards.

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