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How rich is Udo Lindenberg?

Udo Lindenberg wrote German music history and earned an impressive fortune. Whole 35 million euros the estimated fortune of the rock musician is said to be heavy, if one can believe the current estimates. Even at an advanced age of over 70, the rocker has not yet retired. In any case, this suggests that the cash registers should continue to ring for him. After all, Udo has built up several pillars. In Germany he has sold more than 4.4 million records and is still touring the country with his concerts. His live album MTV Unplugged – Live from the Hotel Atlantic was sold 1.1 million times. This makes it one of the best-selling music albums in Germany since 1975.

He earns his money not only as a singer and musician, but also as a painter and writer. The Hamburg resident does not spend a lot of money on a yacht or an opulent property. However, his lifestyle will still cost him quite dearly. After all Udo Lindenberg has lived in the Atlantik Hotel for many years, one of the classiest addresses in all of Hamburg. In addition, Udo Lindenberg treated himself to an apartment on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin in 2012 – another very exclusive address. In addition to his preference for excellent Cuban cigars, the singer also owns his 600,000 euro Porsche 911 Turbo with around 500 hp, which was stolen and found again in June 2020. So the singer lives exactly as one would expect from a rich millionaire.

Exciting anecdotes from Udo Lindenberg’s life

Udo Lindenberg's fortune
The Hamburger by choice could hardly imagine his life without music. Because even as a child, little Udo was known for his pronounced sense of rhythm. Udo Lindenberg is already a real star since the 1970s. At that time the panic orchestra lacked a singer, so Udo stepped in himself. What a lucky coincidence that has given him a long career. Udo Lindenberg has now worked on more than 35 albums. But he has also completed countless tours that have taken him to all corners of Germany. Udo Lindenberg continues to give concerts and tours through Germany. This in turn naturally increases his wealth.

With the Successful musical “Behind the Horizon” Lindenberg was also able to realize himself as an author. More than two million people have already seen this spectacle, and many more are set to follow. Udo Lindenberg has even applied for a patent for his characteristic style as a painter, which is a mixture of caricatures and cartoons. Nobody is like Udo. In each of his works it becomes immediately clear that this man is simply an artist with every fiber of his being. Udo has this in common with his older brother, who sadly passed away in 2006 and was also a painter.

Udo Lindenberg private

As it should be for a real rock musician, Udo Lindenberg has made headlines again and again with his various love affairs. In an interview on his 70th birthday, the musician even indicated that it was quite possible that he would more illegitimate children have. So it may be that he not only has one illegitimate son. The son’s name is unknown, Udo Lindenberg wants to protect his privacy. However, he should maintain good contact with his son and his mother. Udo Lindenberg even had an affair with Nena, one of the most famous German pop stars of all time, in the 1980s. This love affair only lasted a year, although the two said they had a lot of fun together.

Its current one Partner, Tine Acke, is much younger than Udo. Nevertheless, she has achieved what no other woman has been able to do. She has been in a relationship with Udo for over two decades and has since become his closest and most important advisor. So Tine went through some depths with Udo. At 50, for example, the singer was known for his alcoholism and continued to drink in 1989 despite his heart attack. Rock’n’Roll is simply in Udo’s blood and so far he has always jumped death off the shovel. Udo Lindenberg has already written an obituary himself just in case. “When the nightingale falls silent, the whole of Germany goes heavily masked to mourn, to cry, in black shawls and linen. When the nightingale falls silent, the whole country goes masked and up there, over the roofs, hovers their very last song. “

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