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How rich is Ufo361?

Ufo361, real name Ufuk Bayraktar, was born on May 28, 1988 in Berlin-Kreuzberg. As a teenager he came across the hip-hop scene through acquaintances. He got started as a sprayer in the so-called THC crew. He gave himself his stage name and is a combination of his first name Ufuk and the former zip code of Berlin-Kreuzberg (36/61).

Via the THC crew, he got to rapper Said, who is a co-founder of the Hoodrich label. Ufo361, Said and producer KD-Supier quickly formed a trio called Bellini Boyz. About this was published in 2012 Bellini Boyz EP. As a result, his first solo EP was released under the name later that year Soon your money will be mine. The cherished Ufo361’s net worth is 4 million euros.

The history of Ufo361

Income from Ufo361
It took until 2014 as his first debut album with the title You are not alone has appeared. This was also the last release under Said’s label. It was speculated at the time whether Ufo361 would switch to Azzlackz’s arrest warrant label, but these rumors have not been confirmed.

From this point on he began to publish his music on his own. He also succeeded in doing this very well. He released the music video towards the end of 2015 I am a Berliner and promptly gained a lot of attention in the scene. The music video also went viral thanks to the support of the 187 Strassenbande, Fler and some rappers from the Azzlackz label.

Ufo361 continued to receive funding from the 187 street gang. He was allowed to perform his hit in the Columbiahalle in Berlin. The mixtape with the same title was released in early 2016 I am a Berliner and landed at 57th place in the album charts, although he still has not sought help from major record companies. The continuation of the mixtape with the title followed in autumn 2016 I am 2 Berliners and thus reached number 11 in the album charts. The trilogy started in April 2017 I am 3 Berliners continued.

Own label foundation

He founded his in April 2017 own music label Stay high in cooperation with Groove Attack. He was the first artist to sign Data Luv in 2019.

His first studio album 808 was released in April 2018, where he tried a different sound. The album was a success. It landed at number 1 on the album charts in Austria and Germany. With the The album VVS, which was released in August 2018, managed to reach number 1 in Austria and number 2 in Germany.

Fees from Ufo361

Before the album was released, however, Ufo announced in July that he would end his music career with VVS, for which he gave family reasons. However he revised his retirement with the publication of Take care who you love in March 2019. This was not a surprise, because he had already given a first glimpse into the production in the stories on Instagram.

In August 2019 the Album wave further. He reached the top of the chart in Germany and number 2 in Austria. Here he also tried a slightly modified sound. The rapper uses new elements from cloud rap and trap and skilfully combines this with features from America.

Income from music

Ufo361’s financial breakthrough came in 2016. With the release of I am a Berliner and I am 2 Berliners it had generated a unique hype and this had quickly become apparent financially. With both releases and fees he achieved one Total sales of 160,000 euros.

The years that followed were still not bad for him. He bought one Rolex with diamonds, which cost him 40,000 euros and numerous designer clothes. For his wife Tiffany’s birthday, he gave her a new Bentley worth at least 290,000 euros. His own car – a Mercedes-AMG – also cost an impressive six-figure amount. Due to numerous accidents, the vehicle was often under repair in the meantime.

With all the financial outlay, the fans were interested in where all the money came from. In a Instagram story revealed Ufo361 in September 2018 that he has now become a millionaire.

Income from YouTube

Assets of Ufo361
YouTube is also an important platform for the publication of music videos, replacing Viva and MTV. The YouTube partner program enables you to actively earn revenue. A partner receives 55 percent of the advertising revenue. Depending on how ad-friendly a YouTuber is, more money is earned accordingly.

His YouTube channel Stay high is well received by the fans. His music videos are clicked millions of times. His most popular music video Nice Girl 2.0 reached almost 37 million clicks. Assuming that one million clicks pays 1,000 dollars, so far he has earned $ 37,000 from just one music video.

According to statistics tools Ufo361 earns up to 32,000 euros per month through YouTube. That would be up to 384,000 euros a year, which he earns passively through advertising.

Ufo361 revenue from streaming music

Streaming is also an essential topic for Ufo361. It reaches 2.8 million listeners a month on Spotify alone. You are considered a listener if you have heard a song at least once. However, since he already has 1.1 million followers on his artist profile, it can be assumed that the majority streams regularly.

It is believed that its wealth was largely generated by streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. Unfortunately, it cannot be determined how much he earns per stream. It is known, however, that Apple Music appears to have the highest share. Here he should also have hundreds of thousands – if not millions – followers. Unfortunately, there are no official statistics on this. In addition, there is no share for a label because it includes Stay high runs his own music label.

Cash flow through own shop

Ufo361 repeatedly publishes a new fashion collection in its own shop. Here he offers necklaces, t-shirts, caps, hoodies, swimming trunks and socks. The profit margin for textiles is generally high. It can be assumed here that at least 150,000 to 200,000 euros is earned per collection. However, the processing is carried out by a third party, which is why a fraction of the administration and logistics remains with the respective company.

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