Weighing Up Fibreglass And Concrete Pools-Which Is Better?

When faced with questions concerning cost, class, timeline, and necessity while seeking to install a pool, a strong argument arises concerning fibreglass vs concrete pools. Strong arguments exist to prove that a swimming pool adds more value to a home beyond the fun and good times.

Besides, a swimming pool on a property is a long-term and expensive upgrade that no one intends to get rid of at a whim. Making the appropriate choice is a big deal. Fibreglass and concrete are some of the two most sought-after materials for pool construction. As we learn from this insightful analysis, both have pros and cons.

Fibreglass Pools and Concrete Pools- Which is the Best?

After deciding on the design and the location of the pool, the next decision is picking the type of pool. This comparison of fibreglass and concrete pools will guide on which best suits the owners’ needs, circumstances, and plans.

Fibreglass Pools


  • Temperature: Since fibreglass is an insulator, it retains heat longer, which keeps the water warm.
  • Speed of installation: Depending on the size of the pool, installation can take up to 3 weeks, with some claiming it can take less than a week.
  • Durable: Although fibreglass takes a rapping for durability compared to concrete, fibreglass holds its own as its flexibility makes it more adaptable to earth movements. Such movements could cause cracks in a concrete pool.
  • Cost: The installation costs of a fibreglass pool are around 20% less than those of a concrete pool. Fibreglass pools also have fewer maintenance and recurring expenses because they need fewer chemicals and consume less energy.
  • Environment friendly: They have a small carbon footprint because they require less cleaning and fewer chemicals.
  • Non-abrasive: The surface is soft and smooth, which reduces scraps on the skin and knocks from the walls and the bottom surface.
  • Hygienic: Since the walls are sealed with a gel coating for finishing, they are non-porous, eliminating algae and mould growth.
  • Varied design: Adding swim-outs and built-in lounge areas gives the pool versatility.


  • They are hard to customise on design because they are pre-made.
  • The transportation by road and installation of the pre-made pool shell lifted off the wide-road truck by a crane limits the possible size of the pool.
  • They lack variety in colour and design.

Concrete Pools

These are the most common and prestigious upgrades often associated with high-end real estate investments.


  • Customisable: The variety in shapes and dimensions, colour, embellishments, and finishes that concrete pools offer are mind-boggling.
  • Blends in: Due to versatility in design, it is possible to do a poolscape of the backyard to make the pool blend in naturally with the landscape.
  • Versatility: Depending on the owners’ needs, the contractor and designer can craft add-ons such as alcoves, ledges, swim-outs, and other special effects to create a theme around the pool.


  • Temperatures: Some people feel the water is colder in concrete pools.
  • Maintenance: They need resurfacing, but that’s after over 10 years of use.
  • Construction: This is an elaborate project involving digging up the location. It also requires heavy equipment for the job and takes longer to install. The concrete needs time to cure before it is considered ready for use.
  • They need special soil: Soil tests are highly advised to ensure it won’t get soggy and that the ground is stable to avoid cracking and seeping of the pool.
  • Costs: They are expensive projects and will cost more depending on the design. They also need more attention in cleaning and maintaining pH balance.
  • Hygiene: They are susceptible to mould and algae if not well cleaned


In the end, the decision lies in the hands of the prospective owners as per their needs. Both fibreglass and concrete pools are good, and an insightful look at the pros and cons and how much the owners intend to sacrifice to enjoy the luxury should guide that decision.


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