What are the best-LED parking lot lights available in the market?

In the present era parking lots are mostly present on the ground floor where there is little natural availability of light. So this problem has created great competition between the entrepreneurs to make parking lots more beautiful and enlightened. If you are facing the same problem and want to search for LED parking lot lights with photocell then we are here to assist you. 

You can find a lot of options in the market related to parking lot lights but it is totally upon you how you can manage to get the best from them. We have a list of the best options available in the market as you can have a look at it. 

Best LED Parking lot lights

People always wanted to learn about the best-LED parking lot lights with photocells. All the options that are available in the market about the best-LED parking lot lights with photocell or without photocell are listed here:

1. Lepro 150W LED Parking lot Light, Dusk to Dawn shoebox light

Lepro is always famous for providing the maximum efficiency of light in their products. As parking lot lights of Lepro provide an output of almost 5000K high performance which is the efficiency of white light. 

It provides the equivalent illuminance to almost 400W lamps as the lightning effect is so outstanding that it is always better than its competitors. Not only the lightning effect but it also saves energy by almost 60% which makes it budget-friendly.You can gain further guidance from the official website of lepro.

2. AntLux 150W LED parking lot lights

It is the parking lot light from a well-recognized brand which is AntLux. A person needs to install only one parking lot light but it is going to eliminate a large area. The brightness of the bulbs provides clear visibility and the bill is reduced up to a sufficient level. It is waterproof and contains a photocell but the only thing is that it is not certified. A user won’t find brackets for the adjustment of the bulb.

3. Hykolity LED parking-100W lot light with Photocell

It is a popular brand as people like to replace their old parking lot lights with this due to its photoelectric sensors. It has a well-recognized certificate and the rebates are very easy to obtain. The only thing that the user faces is that it is not suitable to eliminate large areas as the wires are not long and well capable.

4. EverWatt 300W LED Outdoor Parking lot light

It saves the power up to the maximum level and provides a brightness of almost 5000K. It is in the premium list of UL and DLC along with this it has a mounting feature which is a slim fit and Arm mount. It provides the energy which is sufficient for 140 LM/W. The screws of the light are not capable enough to be installed in a hard wall as they are short.

5. Kadision 150W LED Parking lot light with Photocell

It belongs to such series that are recently created but provide the efficiency almost similar to the competitors. It is well operated in the parking lots and poles with low energy consumption and includes photocells. It is quite expensive and is available without the adjustment brackets for angle.


Due to the importance of parking areas in the commercial sector, businessmen are moving towards the best options available in the market to decorate their buildings. The best option for LED parking lot lights with photocell is explained in the above article. A person can also gain assistance about this topic from lepro for further assistance.


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