What Does It Mean When Your Evil Eye Bracelet Breaks

If it Breaks

If your evil eye bracelet breaks, you should immediately replace it. This is because a broken evil eye bracelet means that someone threw you some shade. This can only happen if you did something wrong. To keep you safe, you should try not to wear your bracelet around the house or around children. You should also try to avoid wearing it when you’re out in public. Nevertheless, if you’re out of town for work or if you’re having a party, wearing a new one can be a good idea.


There are many superstitions, based on faith, culture, and traditions. Regardless of your beliefs, you should be respectful of the beliefs of others. The breaking of an evil eye bracelet may indicate a lack of good luck or bad luck, so it’s important to be aware of this and avoid wearing a broken one. Depending on the culture, you may want to replace it with another one.

Remove it

Even if your Evil Eye Bracelet breaks by accident, you should not worry. The protection it brings will remain in your life. You can replace it with another one if needed. However, if your Evil Eye Bracelet is broken, it means that you need to remove it from your body. If you are not comfortable with the idea of wearing an evil eye bracelet, you can bury it in a nearby river to rid it of its negative energy. This is an old tradition that may be hard to shake.

No need to Panic

The breaking of an Evil Eye Bracelet should not be a cause for alarm or panic. If you’re worried about someone breaking it, you should replace it immediately. It is important to note that an Evil Eye Bracelet will not protect you if you don’t replace it. There are no scientific explanations for the meaning of breaking an Evil-Eye Bracelet. But, if you’re still not sure, it’s probably best to replace the broken one.

Prevent From Harm

If your Evil Eye Bracelet breaks, you should not panic. You should not use a broken one for healing. The broken Evil Eye will be full of its own energy and its owner’s good vibes. If you’re worried, you should throw the broken Evil-Eye Bracelet away. In fact, this will protect you and prevent any harm from happening to you. So, you should never be afraid of it.

Negative Energy 

Your Evil-Eye Bracelet can break when it gathers too much negative energy. This is a good thing since your Evil Eye Bracelet can help protect you from bad energies. But, it can also break when you’re too envious or have a fight with a certain person. This can lead to the breaking of your Evil-Eye Bracelet.


Evil-Eye Bracelet mainly are the symbols of protection. If incidently they break so there are many concepts like it is an indication that evil eye has been focused on you, , it is said to be a sign that it has done its job in deflecting negative energy away from you.

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